Friday, January 16, 2009

This Breaks My Heart

Last year I bought the 20th anniversary Oprah DVD collection and cried while watching an old couple tell the story of how they met.  He was a little boy held prisoner in a concentration camp during WWII; she was a little girl that passed by each day and tossed an apple over the fence to him.  This went on for years until one day the little boy moved camps and they never saw each other again until after the war and they met again, recognized each other, and fell in love.  Sound amazing and miraculous right!?


Mary Tyler S. said...

His motivation was to "make good in the world?" By being a fake?! How rude.

Mary said...

I don't know. I can understand people being upset that they lied on such a public level but still after everything they did go through, I just feel sad FOR them more than anything. I can't imagine surviving the has to mess you up a little in the head to go through that. It's obviously misguided but maybe he did subjectively think they were doing good. At least the pulled the book deal though! Good word.

Oprah always ends up in these situations! Maybe she should start "vetting" her guests a little better :-)

Catie Murphy said...

How are you 4 doing? SO sorry to hear about the RSV!!! Ugh! How has the weekend been? You are in my prayers. I also hate to hear stories like, the gullible one, always believes these people and it is like chipping away at the goodness of humanity when people hoax others like this.