Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Night

It is the weekend and it seems that we have reached the point of the decline of the RSV horrifics.  L is having a hard time tonight but it only took H a day and a half through the worst part...L should be catching up. H is almost back to her sweet observant self.  When she is well she is cool as a cucumber and checking things out.  When L is well she is chatty and silly.  Tonight, after L had been asleep for a couple of hours she woke back up (of course just as we sat down to eat supper) so we gave her a bottle and a breathing treatment, and some cuddles.  She sat in my lap just shrieking and shrilling like she was telling me all sorts of things.  Harper never budged.  Hopefully tomorrow will start to look normal.

Nick and I split a bottle of Pinot Noir and he Top Cheffed a cuisine of Portabello Tortelline, break sticks with marinara, and a side of Cesar Salad.  We have 4 episodes left of season 2 of The Sopranos.  

Have I ever mentioned that somehow I manage to get into some of the greatest TV like 2-3 years after it has gone off of the air?   Sex and the City - I fell in love with this show 2 years after it ended.  Now, I have every episode on DVD and have watched the entire series at least 5 times through.  This week we started The Sopranos and though I am enjoying (but wincing) the show I am pretty confident I won't be watching this one over and over.  

Now the question on all of your minds:  When will I commit to West Wing?  Yea Yea... it's coming.  

(Technically I have seen every episode of West Wing, subconsciously, since Nick has played 1-2 episodes before he goes to sleep EVERY night in bed since we have been married 3 year now.  Occasionally, I will pop my head up when I hear a great tune i.e. New York Minute, Brothers in Arms, Hallelujah because it is hard to pass up peeping in on the some of the greatest episodes.)

Would also like to watch:
Grey's Anatomy
Mr. Ed 


Nick M. said...

Great post. I am SO EXCITED that I have finally gotten you into "this thing of ours". It only gets better from here.

Mary said...

You guys should move How I Met Your Mother to the tippy top of your TV list.

Just sayin' It appears we have similar TV taste.