Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday's News

This morning we went to church and said goodbye to those leaving for the Mission Trip to rural North Carolina to help low income families with home repairs and food delivery. I myself went on this trip 3 summers ago and remember it being a fantastic trip. I know that all who are there now will be glad they went and gave a hand.

After lunch, back at home, I started my 4th summer read:
Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.
This book is unlike any book I have ever read before I believe. The book is a mental conversation between a gorilla and a man. The two are talking about our society and how "we got the way we are" and where we may be headed according to human's disobedience to Mother Culture's laws. I wasn't "hooked" by the first twenty pages but stuck with it and now 130 pages in I am glad I didn't give up. Coming off of the heels of reading Into the Wild I am glad to be reading something not so emotional and a little lighter (?). After finishing ITW Nick and I watched the film. I had seen it two or three times before but having just read the book it was different this time to be able to connect to the little details such as names of places visited, odd jobs, and journal entries narrated by the actor who played Chris. Let me make one revision. Ishmael is not "light topic" reading. In fact, if you really think about what the gorilla is saying it is actually quite convicting to consider how we treat the Earth and other species of life. What I meant by comparing the two books was that reading ITW was hard for me because it was so personal: getting to know Chris through his journal entries and by way of interviews with the people who knew him and then to read about the way he died and such. Ishmael is more... deep and intellectual type novel that I'm sure will provoke as much emotion as it will thought. That's all.

Now, I sit at the kitchen table, waiting on my sister to come over so that we can go and do some serious shopping for groceries. I had made it a point to try and be out of everything before going to stock up again. I have tried to plan my meals around BOGO sales, upcoming Farmer's Market trips, and on a beef, chicken, seafood rotation. On the menu for the next four night's suppers:
chicken thighs, white rice, Farmer's Market veggie
hamburger helper boxed dinner with frozen vegetable
tombstone pizza
tuna salad on whole wheat bread

lunch will be:
soup and homemade cornbread

That is about it for now. Happy Sunday and Father's Day!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Summer Favorites

A few of my favorite things this summer have been:

White Mossimo tank top from Target, clearance sale price $4.99, also purchased in pink and kelly green:

These shorts in black and khaki:

Trips to Lake Martin with our friends:

Morning walks:

Gorgonzola cheese on salads:

Ginger Dressing on everything:


Almost finished with this one,

Loved this one:

Really loved this one: (finished it in 24 hours)

And, THIS guy:

You know him as this season's The Bachelorette Kasey:
"I want to guard and protect her heart/Here's my heart, come on in and stay a while..."