Thursday, January 15, 2009


There really isn't much on my mind lately except for

The babies have RSV.  Wheezing, gagging, choking, and not sleeping.  It is like having newborns again.  But you know, it is a privelege to be the one to ease their pain, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health... when you say those vows to your spouse you are saying them by default to your children even if they aren't born yet.

Harper was diagnosed on Tuesday and Lily's symptoms are mimicking Harper's about a day behind.  The Dr. said the virus will plateau at the worst stage for 3-4 days then start to taper off.  I believe we are in the worst now so hopefully through the weekend it will get better.  I didn't have the days to take off but I also did not have a choice.  This virus is contagious but in adults shows up as the common cold so if Nick and/or get it it won't be as bad.

For now we are just waiting it out.  Thanks for all of your words of encouragement and prayer.


Laurel said...

oh yuck!
hope the babies feel better soon and that you and the mr. stay healthy!

MI class 2007 said...

aww man that stinks! hope they recover soon and glad you can take the time to be with them!!

okay, i'm not making this up. my word verification is "cooti" oddly appropriate

Liz said...

ahh, signed in with the wrong name, sorry. that last one was from liz!

The Reeds said...

Oh Laura, I'm sorry! If Trent wouldn't catch it, we could have "slumberless" parties together! I'll be praying that the girls are better soon:)

meredyth said...

hope the girls are better soon. we are saying a prayer for all four of you.
hal, mere, and owen (and baby E2) :)

Mary Tyler S. said...

Get better babies!!

Mommy and a Ministry said...

Hope they get to feeling better soon! That RSV is some bad stuff! We'll be praying for the girls and for Mommy and Daddy.

Eleanor said...

Keeping you in my thoughts -- I know how tough it is to watch them not feel well!

Jason said...

Mary Tyler said get better babies ....haha ...I think those babies are perfect !!

The Barkers said...

I am so sorry. I know it is so hard to see them in pain. I will say a prayer for them and for you!!