Friday, June 10, 2011


Recently, my mother made the snarky remark that "the girls should be potty trained by now, they are five!" ( love you mom! )

No. They are three.

A list of good reasons that I waited till 3:
-they can follow multistep directions
-they can intelligibly verbalize their wants and needs
-they respond well to positive praise
-they can help clean up

A list of bad reasons to wait till 3:
-i can't think of any bad reasons
-and no, it isn't the "sick of changing diapers argument," at this age, we were only changing diapers 2 or 3 times per day which was the clearest indicator that they were ready to be transitioned to toilet

I began this journey, technically, the day after Memorial Day, by ditching diapers, foregoing pull-ups, and putting them straight into panties. I heard so many versions of the "best way to potty train" and found that, like all other parenting techniques, my way is the best way :)

And I don't mean that I am 100% correct about everything I do as I parent, I mean that what works for us works for us. So, 11 days since I started this endeavor, H&L are using their potties at home AND using public potties when prompted, and yes, wearing a pull up at night and during naps. At first I used M&M's but now I don't have to. They like using the potty, amen.

However, what's an occasional sugar-free treat as reinforcement going to hurt?


Saturday, June 04, 2011

Simon Peter

Was Jesus' friend. When Jesus asked, "Who do you think I am?" Peter was the only disciple brave enough to answer back, "God's Son, the Messiah." Then Jesus said, "On this rock I will build my church." Matthew 16:18

This is the simple story that I told over breakfast this morning with H&L. I read the story and showed them the black and white line drawing of cartoon illustrated Jesus and Peter. Checking for comprehension I asked, "who is this?" and Harper said, "is Jesus." Then I pointed to Peter and said, "and who is this?" and Harper said, "is two Jesuses!" Not quite baby, but I'm sure there is a lesson in omnipotence there somewhere, right?

Anyway, I repeated Jesus' declare and asked them to say it with me. My three year old girls repeated, "On this rock I build my church!" and it occurred to me, "why is this the first time I have requested that they repeat Scripture back to me?" It seems like they are having fun and their words are intelligible...

Oh yea, because they are three.

But it also occurred to me that now is the perfect time. In the same way that they love and adore the idea of going to the beach or to the park to feed the ducks, they love and adore "Jesus." Why not foster this love and adoration? And how appropriate is it that the first verse that they lock into their memories and hearts be, "On this rock I will build my Church?"

Such a precious moment in my day.

Thank you Peter for your bravery.
Thank you Jesus for your Church.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Summer Staples

Apparently, blogging is not dead!

Thank you, to all of my stranger comments on my last post, and thank you to old friends who say, " Why don't you ever post anymore!?"

Summer is here. For me that means HOME, for 10 nice long weeks. So many home projects to start alongside raising two blossoming three year old girls. A short list of things to come:

1.) Read

Yesterday I joined the Montgomery Public library and walked out with Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman. The perfect summer read and only 46 pages in I am hooked already. A "coming of age" story set in the deep South, 1960's, about a girl whose mother has died which forces her to move in with her Aunt Tootie. Beth Hoffman really gets me with passages such as,

Later that night, while Momma was asleep on the sofa, I searched through a chest of drawers in her bedroom until I found the strand of pearls she kept tucked inside a pink satin pouch. After pulling an old doily from beneath a lamp and grabbing a Christmas candle from a box in the closet, I went into the bedroom and closed the door. I bobby-pinned the doily to my head, lit the candle, and got down on my knees by the window. Though I wasn't sure exactly what to do, I gazed into the sky and rubbed the pearls between my fingers until they grew nice and warm.

2.) Simplify and give away
toy bins

3.) Run
The Atlanta Peachtree Road Race on July 4th with my friends Mary and Lane.

4.) Rest
If I can convince my three year old twins that naps are good then I shalt not let the pot call the kettle black...

5.) Repeat

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

5k Tuesday

A LONG time ago I posted about beginning the "Couch to 5 K" program. At the time I was doubtful and, honestly, not really looking forward to doing the whole running thing. I could jog 3-5 minutes then have to walk and dreaded the next jogging interval. I stuck with it though! If you are not a "runner" then don't tune out just yet...

Within 2 weeks I could feel my body changing and my ability to strengthen actually happening! Short 3-5 minute jogging intervals began to turn into 7-9 minutes intervals and there were times that I didn't even want to stop, even going uphill. I am amazed by the human body on so many levels.

I have survived two serious car accidents (neither time was I wearing a seat belt), recovered from several surgeries, given birth, gained weight, lost the weight, and am now running an average of 9 miles a week. I have never felt better, both in body and in spirit.

At the end of January I participated in my first 5k race in Prattville. It was a beautiful yet COLD day. I ran the first 16 minutes and needed to slow down the middle part of the race by going back to intervals. I managed to run the final mile and cross the finish line in under 38 minutes. As cliche as it sounds it really was the most gratifying to participate and finish rather than win.
As I got closer to the tape I look over and saw my prize: the man of my dreams and beautiful babies cheering for "Mommy."

Looking forward to:

Interested in getting off the couch? Check this out: