Saturday, January 03, 2009

Feeling All Grown Up

Do you ever have moments where you really feel grown up?  Besides the obvious answers like buying a house or having a baby which are really grown up things we fall into.  I'll give you an example.

Tonight I came inside from taking Ali outside and the house smelled like cornbread and home made squash casserole (leftovers from New Year's Day feast) and the scents of my childhood came rushing back to me.  I have vivid memories of waking up from naps after school and volleyball practice and hearing pots and pans clanging downstairs and smelling whatever my mom was cooking for dinner.  We had squash casserole often - a family favorite.  So anyway, tonight as I smelled it in my own house it really made me realize that I am a grown up.  I pay the bills, I feed my children and put them to bed, and I cook squash casserole.


Madame Rubies said...

I am sure I have had these moments, tho I cannot think of a good example right now. I feel very much like a kid stuck in a grown-up world lately.

Catie Murphy said...

Yay for dates and for being a grown up! What a big, big beautiful year it has been for you! Although it is sometimes so alarming and overwhelming to be all grown up (and a parent!?) how richly blessed we are to say...ah...I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

At least 98% of the time. ;)

Stephanie said...

I felt this way smelling ham and cornbread in my house on Christmas.

Laurel said...

funny you mentioned food...because the first time I "felt" like a grown up wasn't when I was knee deep in a corporate job or when I bought my first 'big girl' purchase (a new car) was when I walked in the door one day and smelled the pinto beans that had been simmering all day.

I think it also has a connection to what we consider "comfort food"!

Jennifer Littlejohn said...

Please listen to the song, "Old Enough," by The Raconteurs.