Friday, January 02, 2009

A Date

Today, the girls are at the sitter's house and Nick and I are spending the day together, not cleaning the house, not doing laundry, not balancing our checkbook but doing Nick's favorite thing... going out.  We may start doing a little browsing at East Chase and then at noon we are seeing a movie.  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  We were also interested in Valkyrie but I wanted to see a movie that I would not be asking a million questions throughout.  Watching Band of Brothers has me very interested in the goings on of WWII but I have at least one question per scene and I want to see something that I can just enjoy.  After the movie we will be dining on sushi at Street Cafe thanks to the gift card we received for Christmas from my stepmom.

Nick and I haven't had a date in months and have felt the tension of cabin fever lately since we have been on vacation but restricted to the home as babies with colds do not really permit going out and about so easily.  Tonight Bama plays in a Bowl Game so that will make for good entertainment as well.

So far my resolutions have been followed through with pretty well.  My overall resolution was really to stop sweating the small stuff and congratulate myself in making small, baby steps, if you will, toward wellness each day.  So, cheers!, to being with the one I love today and out time together as a couple!

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Eleanor said...

I endorse this practice! Enjoy yourselves, and DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE GIRLS!