Sunday, January 25, 2009

Post Not Meant to Call Anyone Out and Also, This Post is Kind of Inside Jokey, Or So I Thought.

So last night I was having dinner with my favorite "their last name begins with L" friends.  I needed some clarification on a topic that came up: the (querky) pet peeve of the Comic Sans font.  So I asked this Comic Sans Hater, "what exactly is Comic Sans, I know it's a font, but what makes this font so annoying to you?"  

I understand having pet peeves and annoyances about things like 
  • people that drive 60 mph in the left lane
  • people that wear socks with their sandals
  • people that interrupt too much
But I had never heard of a pet peeve against... a font??? (Am I the only one here?)
Anyway, so I asked and what I got from the answer was that it was a font without the little marks on the ends of the letters.  Ok, fine.  I thought nothing more of this conversation for the rest of the night.

This morning.  Sipping my coffee, watching Sopranos, wondering "what can I post what can I post" and the thought came to my mind, "google comic sans and see what happens."  Apparently there are a LOT of Comic Sans Discussion going on out there... a lot.  Here are a few that I thought were interesting.

What's your stance on Comic Sans?


Nick M. said...

I've heard that using it will make you sterile...

Anonymous said...

hang on hang on hang on.

Comic Sans falls into a category of fonts called Sans Serif, fonts that lack ornamentation at the end of strokes.

Sans serif fonts are good things. Helvetica, one of my favorites, is a sans serif font, as is futura.

Comic sans is a blight on the world of typography. Its cheesy, its ugly, and should die a terrible, terrible death.

Now... I'm a font nerd. I love fonts. Jackie always calls me out for it. Its part of my job to love fonts. Even fonts I'm not sure I'll ever use, I keep them around. But on all of our computers at home, and my work computer, there is one font that has been exterminated: Comic Sans.

While we're at it, I'll call out a few more fonts that should die...

Marker Felt
Brush Script
Curlz MT
Party LET

die, die, die.

Laura M. said...

HA I see clearly now

The Lemmond Family said...

I love that font. Actually its the one I usually pick. Too funny!

pallie said...

Wow...who knew that so many people hated certain fonts.

The only thing I have ever heard regarding fonts is that sans serif fonts are harder to read. Your eyes follow the words better if they have the lines on the end of strokes.

Too funny!

Eleanor said...

Is it fair to say that y'all are really missing the political campaigning?

Amy said...

that is so funny. I had no idea that we were living in a world with people that cared that much about fonts they did not like. It is certainly not my favorite, but when given the choice between Comic and say more traditional fonts, I choose Comic Sans :)

Jason said...

Times Roman ....all I am saying ...

mary said...

HA! This post was hysterical. I also was unaware of this very lively debate BUT Lane has heard of it and has a strong opinion.

He thinks Comic Sans should be eliminated because there is no appropriate use for it. In his opinion, it is too formal for cartoons but too informal for any other use. Honestly, it's amazing that you can be married to someone for 6 and a half years and never know they feel so strongly about something.

Anonymous said...

huh. there seems to be some sort of weird demographic division here in regards to the pro-CS and anti-CS folks.


Jana said...

Hey Laura! I've never read your blog!! I'll have to add it to my list! I DO need tips on getting him to sleep through the night if you have any..he goes down great--we put him down awake and he goes to sleep on his own..but he's still getting up every 3-4 hrs at night..UGH! **He's only 7 weeks thoguh! 8 on Thursday...also: How do I get a mini ticker? Your girls are ADORABLE!! I can't believe they are already so "old"!

Mary Tyler S. said...

I love all the fonts Luke listed on his die list, all except Party LET. I agree it should die.

Luke is a font downer.

Jennifer Messick said...

I have never really thought about whether I like a font or not. I just use certain fonts more often than others. I do use Comic Sans, usually when it is something that my 1st graders need to read because the "a" looks more like the alphabet version than any other font does. Other than that... I just use whatever font strikes my fancy at that time! Cool post! Who knew there were font haters!