Monday, September 27, 2010

It has been a really long time since I posted. So long that it is hard to think of what to say...

So I'll tell a little bed time story.

Tonight, a little loveable Lily told me that she loves me for the first time ever. I was rocking her before bed, as we do every night, and she said, "lub you mama, lub you mama..." and she said it a lot of times. It was such a wonderful feeling. I said it back to her twice as many times as she said it to me.

Meanwhile, a little curious Harper was still flipping the pages of her alphabet book, on the floor. When I called to her to come and sit with Mama and "Nini" she said, "no" and flipped on. I gave her a couple of more chances to obey and then stated the fact, "Mommy is going to turn off the light now because it is time for bed. Come and sit with me so I can tell you night night and we can rock rock." So, I turned off the light and waited for her to take 5 or 6 steps in my direction and reach out to me so that I could lift her little body and up, snuggle, and sing "sunshine."

However, instead I heard a very loud thud and immediately afterwards these pitiful whimpering words, "hit da head?!?!" I turned on the light and saw her sitting on the floor with her face about two inches from the chest of drawers. The poor thing had walked right into the metal hardware and had a large red splotch and little blue indentation right in the middle of her forehead. Very very sad for her and very very stupid on my part. I scooped her up and cradled her and as she cried "Nini" said, "oh oh Haddie" in a very slow and soothing voice.

So the sad little Haddie felt better after a few kisses and the light turned off again. Then the mommy realized we hadn't changed into dry diapers yet and back on went the light. I changed their pampers and this time did not make yet another transition to the "rock rock" but instead I said, "it is late and you must go to bed right now." In true form, Lily repeated, "it is late it is late" about 15 times. Harper whimpered for one more "hug and kiss" (three or four were actually granted). Then I closed the door. I heard more whimpers for about 23 seconds and then nothing. Night night babies.

The end.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Because I Don't Want to Forget

Tonight, rocking my two baby girls before bed, Harper said, "mama take a sunshine away?" Which means, "Mama sing You Are My Sunshine."

I sang.

Lily said, "no take it away? no take it away?" because she didn't want me to stop singing...

So I said, "babies, let's pray."

Babies tightly clasped their little hands together and Harper beats me to it and she says,

"Dee God,

Tank-a a Mama...

"Yes baby, thank you for Mama"

"Tank-a a Dada..."

"Yes baby, thank you for Dada, and God thank you for Harper, and Lily, and Ali and for this day..."

"an tank-a a tu tu's???"

"yes baby, thank God for tutus too" ( as in the pink and purple ballet tutus the girls wore around the house tonight for an hour before bath time).

And we all said, "Amen."

Well, except for Lily who said, "no amen? no amen?" because she wasn't ready to be finished praying.

Thanks be to God.

Right Steph?