Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Home in Fall

A few images of our home this Fall.

Me with my sweet little girls.
One Saturday morning.

A spooky pillow or two.

A "Fall" scented candle, so nice.

Acorns and a glazed pumpkin.

Sunday dinner: collard greens simmering and fresh baked corn bread in the oven.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

MA Class of 2000 Reunion

October 8th and 9th I celebrated 10 years since graduation with Nick and two of my best friends from high school. Here are few snaps from the weekend!

Friday night, before the homecoming football game. Me with one of my partners in crime, Mary Tyler.
A few spirited decorations! Go Eagles!

An evening wouldn't be complete without some sort of entertainment performed by moi! Here I am reciting senior quotes after dinner, before the after party.

"With vigor and gusto" - Mer Brown

SO fun!

Standing next to my favorite 5th grade class. That little sign of my teacher with glasses is the exact same picture that hung in the exact same place when I was a 5th grader!

Finally, me with my two best friends Meredith and Mary Tyler at the after party.