Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Day

Today I will spend the day with Nick and Jason and the babies eating soul food:
Jason's cornbread, turnip greens, black eyed peas and my boiled corn on the cob and homemade squash casserole.  Yum!  We will be starting the complete series of Band of Brothers and hopefully finishing it today too.  

What wonderful weather to start 2009.  Sunny, cool, windy.  I am watching the Today show right now and noticing the projected fashion trends for 2009... all up and down the streets of New York are gals in their beau's blue jeans.  Katie Holmes was spotted wearing Tom's "skinny" jeans with the bottom of each leg folded up to make a big wide cuff.  If you have ever tried on your hunny's jeans you may be boosted in confidence in how easy they fall down OR, like me, you may envy your hunny's trimm(er) waist and feel just how vastly different the male and female shape is!  Just a little fun tid bit for all of you out there too sexy for your own jeans.

That is about all I have for now.  I need to go clean up the kitchen before we get in there with our sleeves rolled up.  I always picture Gordon Ramsey standing over my shoulder when I prep the kitchen and how unacceptable grease splatter marks and non-sparkling cutting boards are when aspiring to be a Top Chef (cross TV show references here).

How are you spending your New Year's Day?

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