Thursday, May 01, 2008

Writer's Block

I am sick of seeing my poem/previous post but don't know what to write about.

So I'll just be straight up and say what's on my mind.
My children - I am approaching 26 weeks. The babies are moving around a lot - especially at night, after I eat, when I am sitting on the couch with my feet up. I will feel acute pressure in my abdomen and can feel a really hard bump on my tummy and then the pressure will subside and that same spot will be squishy again.
Being off work in 3 weeks until November 1, seriously, OMG, 5 months of not working: a blessing I don't even know how huge it is yet.
What job I want to work when it is time to go back... I'll give you a hint, it's not for MPS but that's all I know right now.
I am relieved that I tackled 2 "to do's" that I have been dreading/procrastinating on at work, and of course facing it wasn't as hard or painful as I thought it would be.
Tomorrow is Friday. I am glad the weekend will be here.
Question for people who love or even like their jobs: Do you look forward to the weekend desperately or are you as happy during the work week as you are on the weekends?
I was never a cereal person until I got pregnant and now I eat Special K with strawberries at least once a day.
I am afraid my blogging may not get better than this until I have the comp. early Sat. morning with my coffee and am feeling more inspired... watching 30 Rock now and not feeling it so much.

Have a great Friday everyone!

My sister sent me a FedEx package today that really brightened my day. Two adorable newborn gowns, two adorable onesies, three adorable sleeper suits, and two shirts for me. I have the best sister for real. What a shhhweetie. And, my in laws came by today and brought us 2 crib mattresses, pampers, a baby bath tub, and a rubber ducky... shhweet. So thoughtful and I am so grateful! OH AND we ordered out second set of crib bedding today (the first was a gift from my uncle) and when we signed on line to make the purchase we discovered the set was on sale! Saved $35. Thank you Lord!


Jason said...


luke said...

having just about finished only my first month at the new job, my answer may be a bit skewed. but as i'm sure you've read, i really, really like my new job a whole bunch. but i still really look forward to the weekend.

Mary Tyler S. said...

I love my job during the week. But around 2:30 on Friday, I desperately want to get away! Mainly because it's getting so pretty and I'd rather be on the lake. So are the Mielke's registered yet?? I want to shop!

PS I don't care if EVERY post is like this one, NOT boring - totally interesting. Maybe it's because I like you ;)

Liz said...

I love my job more than I thought humanly possible. But come Saturday, I turn off the phone and refuse to even walk in the direction of the office.

also, i LOVE (and subsequently miss) Special K with strawberries. Enjoy a bowl for me. :)

The Bean said...

You should really try the Special K Vanilla Almond. It's wonderful and I even take out some of the almonds (which have a sugary vanilla coat of some sort on them) and put them on a handful of baby spinach with some vinigarette spray salad dressing. DELICIOUS!