Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day Home #3

We continue to receive all good reports about the babies. I am so amazed and so thankful for that. Also, with each visit to see them my heart falls so much more deeply in love with them and the bond I have with each is already individual. Nick and I have talked about that and he feels the same way. It is hard to explain but I'll just say that it is possible to love them so much equally but feel different vibes from each of them... I guess it is the difference in their personalities that will become more apparent as they grow. I truly love them so much it hurts.

It is really weird not to be pregnant... so suddenly and so abruptly. As I look in the mirror I can see my stomach being back to pre-pregnancy size fairly soon. I obviously did not get as big as I would have had I carried full term but the "empty" feeling is what is so overwhelming and partly saddening. They warned me of the "mommy blues" and I admit today I have been a little weepy...ok a lot.

And I have Mastitis which is an infection in one or two breasts, my case just one, but thankfully Nick was here as I complained and urged me to call the doctor. I reported fever, massive engorgement, swelling and pain and he called in a prescription for me, whew.

On a positive note: Nick JUST walked in the door and told me that Harper started receiving my breast milk today at 5p.m!!! I cried and cried tears of joy! That is the best feeling knowing that she is going to start receiving nutrition, building her immunity, and CALORIES!!! Grow baby grow! Lily will come around. They haven't started her clear liquids yet but I'm not worried.

I can't end my blog by topping better news than that!


Mary Tyler S. said...

You go Harper!! Grow babies grow!

Eleanor said...

Great news, Laura!

Except for that mastitis thing. BTDT. Ow, and ow.

You (and that would be you TWO) and your daughters are in my prayers every morning and night, and will stay there until they are all grown up and self-supporting.

LMilky said...

Love it ;)

Carrie said...

That is great news Laura!!! I am continuing to keep the four of you in my prayers!

Shea said...

Great news, Laura! I so sorry though you have mastitis! I have had two friends that had that - one stopped nursing, the other just pumped through it. Good luck! Hope it gets better very soon!