Friday, May 16, 2008

Harper & Lily Day 2

**Editors note: Moms & Dads of newborn baby girls (especially ones that surprise their parents and come early) have lots of phone calls that they have to make/take. If we have not had the chance to talk to you yet it is not because you are not important it is because our brains have had the consistency of instant mashed potatoes for the last two days.

Mama is doing very well today. She is continuing to recover from her surgery and is completely off of all machines (IV's, BP monitors, etc...) and is even up walking some and getting to the bathroom and chairs on her own. We did have one brief scare this morning about ten minutes after nine, the very first time she tried to get up out of the bed. She blacked out in the bathroom. Fortunately for us she was sitting down already and the nurse and me were both there to help her out. The rest of the day was great and mama was able to see her baby girls for the first time (aside from the split second drive by as they were born).

Speaking of the baby girls...Harper and Lily are both doing wonderful. The neonatologist came and saw us this morning and as he was giving us the update on how they were doing you could tell that he was physically excited to be giving us this report. He used the word "PHENOMENAL" which is never bad when referring to babies who are born this early (they will be 28 weeks tomorrow/Saturday), and he said that for when they were born and all that they have going on if you were to put them on a scale of 1 to 10 they would be a 9!! How about that? Harper is not on any breathing apparatus of any kind she is strictly breathing room air, and Lily is off of her CPAP (the big breathing tube) and is now on the smaller breathing tube hopefully she will be off that as well very soon.

Below are a couple more pictures taken today. Enjoy and please continue to keep Laura, Harper, and Lily in your prayers!

(Harper is the first picture, Lily is the second)

(This post was written by Dad)


Mary Tyler S. said...

I really think Harper looks like Daddy! Her little lips and nose just look like him! Just beautiful...God is so good :)

alysonc said...

Hey Nick,
You don't know me, but I am John's sister who is also expecting twins... I just wanted to know you guys are being prayed for me and my husband everytime we think of our own..and as you know that is all day long. I am so happy they, and Laura, are doing so well and we will continue to lift you guys up. Praise God!!

Shea said...

I'm so glad everyone is doing so well!! Please let Laura know we (as well as my sunday school class and all of my other friends) are praying for y'all!

Footprints Ministry said...

Congratulations from the Footprints Ministry!! We have you on our prayer list and we even got word when the C-section was being performed and lifted many prayers up for your family. We know the Lord is strengthening these precious angels! We pray the Lord will wrap his arms around you and comfort you during this exciting and stressful time. You should receive one of our Footprints bags from the NICU. Please let us know if we do anything!
"In your strength I can crush an army;with my God I can scale any wall. God’s way is perfect."
Psalm 18:29-30

In His Grace
Kim Wilson
Footprints Ministry