Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday Morning Report

Another wonderful visit happened Sunday night. The babies are doing great! We did not get to hold the babies as originally thought because they were just too tired! With all the excitement from Saturday night and moving around on Sunday our wonderful Nurse Allyson suggested that we just sit this one out and let their little lungs rest from all of the commotion. We are glad to let them rest... so we just stood around and gazed at their beauty and took more pictures! I don't think that I have mentioned yet that their Auntie Mere is in town for the weekend from Memphis just to see them! So below are a few pictures of the girls with her.

Harper is up to 6 cc of breast milk every three hours! Lily is finished with her antibiotic and treatment for the heart murmur/unclosed valve Dr. N. prescribed on Saturday. When the nurse listened to her heart through the stethoscope Sunday afternoon she said she couldn't hear the murmur any longer which means the extra valve all newborns have (Harper's closed on it's own) has most likely closed by now and an echo cardiogram performed today will confirm results! It is probable that later today or early tomorrow Lily will be back on the clear liquids in prep. for breast milk. We continue to praise God for his awesomeness and how modern medicine and technology works absolute miracles! We plan on visiting at 9 this morning with Grandma and Grandpa M. and then later again this afternoon and evening.

Today we will be cooking out and hanging out with local friends and remembering all of the men and women who have defended our country. Kudos to the Lucas' for making their way down to us for the second annual Mem. Day cookout. Looking forward to doing what we all do best... cheers! I hope that everyone is well and thank you so much for the constant love, support, and prayers.

Auntie Mere and Lily

Auntie Mere reaching her finger our for Lily to grab.

Sweet sleeping Harper


Liz said...

i'm just so amazed at how tiny they are! so glad your sister got to go down and visit!

LMilky said...

Thanks Liz!

Mary Tyler S. said...


Madame Rubies said...

I am so friggin excited that you got to hold them!!! I wish I could have met them while we were there, but I will hold them one day, for sure.


The Reeds said...

Great News!! They are beautiful, and I know they can't wait to come home:)

Nick M. said...

I would like the record to show that it is actually my finger that Harper is holding. Sorry Auntie Mere!!