Sunday, May 18, 2008

I am Home...

What an 11 days this has been. I am home now and so relieved. I have a tremendous "thank you" to say to every single person who has helped us in any way, especially through prayer and encouragement. I appreciate all of the friends and family who understood and respected the fact that rest, darkness, and quietness is the only treatment for Pre-eclampsia, delivery being the only cure. It wasn't easy to turn loved ones away who wanted to come by and cheer us up but as Nick and myself explained, I had no choice but to lay in bed, be still, and ask my blood pressure to go down, essentially "buying time". There are no words that can be said enough times to express my feelings for every person on staff at Baptist East anti and post partums, labor and delivery, and NICU units. I have been saying that this has been the best worst experience of my life. Every doctor, nurse, technician, therapist, nutrition service provider, and house-keeper was nothing short of being among the kindest, most patient, professional, compassionate, encouraging, gentle, and energetic people I have EVER met. I told one nurse just before I left that I wish that I could be like Oprah and just give away every single thing that each person needed to meet their needs for the rest of their lives. My lactation consultant told me that if I mention names on my mail in survey that person would receive a candy bar from the hospital in appreciation. My breath literally left me when I heard her say that... a candy bar? These people saved my life and the lives of my two children.

I slept very well last night. Blood was drawn and vitals were checked for the last time around 6 this morning, I saw my doctor around 7, had breakfast at 8, showered at 9, visited Harper and Lily at 10:30 with my parents and left the hospital at 11:00a.m. After we dropped off all of my stuff at the house - and saw Ali Carrie for the first time in a while :) - me, Mama, and Dad went to Sinclair's just before the church crowd. They offered to take me to lunch and I was craving something green and leafy and nutritious. So I ordered the Shrimp and Avocado salad with olive oil and herb vinaigrette. I am looking forward to "de-toxing" from the hospital food - which I am not complaining about; it was very good but not whole or fresh - so anyway, lunch was great. Nick was home as soon as church let out and fortunately did not have to go back this afternoon! We went to the drugstore to get my prescriptions filled and then to Storkland to pick up the rental breast pump. Now don't get freaked out... only the electronic body of the breast pump is for rent... individuals supply your own tubings, cups, bottles, etc. The breast pump I am using is the exact same one as in the hospital and is worth around $1200. We are renting it for $54 a month for as many months as we want so it is worth it to rent at this point to see how breast pumping and later feeding works out before buying a less expensive model. So as of now I am beginning to swell a little again because the past two days I have been back on my feet more than in the last 10 days. I still have a lot of fluids to excrete. It is 5:37 p.m. I am on my own bed, the ceiling fan is on full blast, Nick is asleep beside me, Ali is at the foot of the bed, and I have blogs, emails, and Fbook information to check up on. My eyes are very heavy and the sound of silence is golden. I do also have to peace of mind from speaking with Sharon (NICU nurse with 35 years of experience) an hour ago who cheerfully reported that both Harper and Lily have had a great day :) We plan on going by tonight at around 8 just for a few moments to tell them good night. Right now I am going to close the laptop, let my head fall against the pillow, hold Nick's hand, and just see what happens. (deeeeep sigh)


There is a version of the Doxology sung by Nicole Nordeman that is running through my head right now. It is sung acapella and the words are very appropriate for the mood this afternoon:
"Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.
Praise Him all creatures here below.
Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts.
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


Eleanor said...

Laura, I am so glad to see that you are taking care of yourself (both physically and emotionally), and am amazed that you are already home! I so badly wanted to come see you and the girls this weekend (as Luke and Jackie's proxies), but then I remembered how utterly exhausted I was after a normal delivery for ONE child, and decided that you might not need one more person traipsing all up there -- especially one you hardly know!

Continue to take care of yourself, and let the NICU staff do their magic. Rest in the knowledge that they are being loved there, and that they will really need a Mama and Daddy who are on their toes when they get home and get all baby bossy on you... ;-)

In other words -- REST!!! Both of you!!!

LMilky said...

Thank you Eleanor and please please feel free to come over with Jackie and Luke next weekend when they are in town for Memorial Day!

Shea said...

I'm so glad you are doing better and those precious baby girls are doing so well! Hope you get lots of rest!

Stephanie said...

I'm glad you're home and feeling well. Let us know what we can do to help.

Mary Tyler S. said...

So glad you are rested and please know how much you and Nick, and babies, are Loved! Can't wait to see you again so I can hug you.

Liz said...

Laura, so glad you are home!!! I've been praying for you and the girls (and Nick too :) constantly!! I hope you continue to heal well and quickly.

pallie said...

Laura, it is crazy because though we have never met, when Laurel told me the girls had come early, my heart began racing and my body filled with worry. After she told me all was well, I felt a great relief in knowing that you, Harper and Lilly were all okay.

So glad to hear that you are home and doing well! Gets lots of sleep while you it up until the girls get home.

Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

Laurel said...

Laura -- so glad to "hear" from you. I am in such awe of your optimism, graciousness and genuine peace throughout this whole mircale of a situation!

Take care of Mama! You, Nick and the girls are in my thoughts and prayers!

Carrie said...

Sweet Laura,
You have come through your ordeal with such grace and such a thankful attitude! I felt the same way about all of the nurses and staff when I left. I know our situation was a little different. Noah was four weeks early and spent one week in the NICU. If you ever need to talk or just talk through or write through things please email me. It was so hard to leave my little angel behind in the hospital. And you will grow to love those NICU nurses. I think they are some of the wisest people and caring people I've ever met. It took my swelling two weeks to get back to normal. And about two weeks for the swelling to go down. Drink lots of water and put your feet up. The NICU nurses would pull an extra chair just for my feet up to Noah's little bed. Keep hoping! God will show you little things about the NICU experience to be thankful for. I can truly say that the time he spent there while painful for us was worth it. It has shaped his personality (accustomed to light, noise, people messing with him)his eating (force fed into becoming a big eater and now eats great and sleeps well), put on a great schedule, we were trained by the best in his care, and so many others! I will continue to pray for you and the girls, and of course Nic.

Anonymous said...

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