Thursday, May 22, 2008


I want to blog like I used to but I can't right now. I have sat down probably ten times to try but I just sit and look at the screen. It is not something I enjoy right now. Although I do enjoy keeping up with other blogs. Also, I know that the most important topic right now is updates on Harper and Lily so that... I can gladly report on.

As of Thursday evening:

Harper was taking in small doses of milk through her feeding tube on Wednesday but at her evening feeding "residual" milk was found which means that her tummy was tired. So the nurses took the residual out and let her tummy rest. Today she started getting the small amounts of Pedialite again to get her stomach ready for milk again and she took it well with no residual. Dr. N. and the nurses said that feeding is finicky with preemies and that we may do this little dance 10 times before they come home so it isn't too alarming or disappointing. We just have to be patient and let her body tell us how much it can take and when :) She is still very reddish and is on and off of phototherapy however the last couple of visits her light has been off as well as her "ski mask" to protect her eyes and she looks beautiful and very peaceful.

Lily is not quite ready for the Pedialite according to her xrays but soon enough. Dr. N. also started an antibiotic with her to protect her from infection because of some lab results. Again, he assured me that there is no reason to be alarmed it is all part of the song and dance. She also has not been on her light my last few visits and looks beautiful and peaceful.

Both babies got their second head ultrasounds today to check for any bleeding. That sounds so harsh and kind of makes me sick to my stomach but it is reality and I am praying with confidence that their second ultrasound will be as perfect as their first that they had last week. Also, Dr. N. said that his goal is to see both babies feeding on my milk by this time next week. So brain ultrasounds and happy feedings are specific areas I ask for prayer.

This song and dance I will refer to is what every nurse and doctor has said comes with preemie territory: they make take one step forward, two steps back, 3 steps forward, 1 back and so on. The end prize is what is important to remember AND instead of getting nervous about words like "infection" I am praising God that they were born in this day in age when technology and knowledge and resources are so available to treat them.

I love 'em I love 'em I love 'em MMM MMM MMM I love 'em SO much :)


Stephanie said...

I'm glad I got to talk to you today. This afternoon I started swelling (first time this pregnancy) so that I had an imprint where my flip-flops were, and a headache. I stopped by the drug store and took my BP though (I'm paranoid about it now) and it was 143/63, so I'm fine. Probably just the sodium from last night.

Mary Tyler S. said...

mmm mmm mm I love em too! The cribs look awesome and the babies room just looks perfect. Hey call me the next time you find such a great deal at World Market!