Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two Weeks Old Already!

Today marks the two week anniversary of the birth of our babies! I keep telling Harper and Lily how easy they are making this for us! Reports continue to be very positive and uplifting. Harper is now weighting 2.1 and Lily is 2.6! Both babies are feeding on breast milk every three hours. Wednesday night they got baths and little tiny bows in their hair. Nick got to hold Lily and I held Harper. Today when we went for our afternoon visit both girls were wide awake and their eyes were wide open looking all around. They are beginning to look very much alike as Harper catches up to Lily's size. They are fraternal twins however we have been told that a very small percentage of fraternal twins can actually appear identical. We are continuing to pray for the girls but as I said this is really becoming so much easier than I would have every expected... we are rejoicing and giving thanks to God for how smooth their stay in the NICU is going and how peaceful we can rest at night knowing that the nurses and doctors are incredible at their jobs and so loving to all the babies. Tonight we expect more Kangaroo Care!

Grandma and Grandpa M. went with us to Storkland today to register Harper and Lily for gifts. They bought us the cutsie white wooden letters to spell out their names above their cribs. The nursery is really coming together and pictures will be posted soon. It is so nice to walk in and look around at all of the gifts that people have given and visualize what it will be like when they are home.

Here are a few recent photos:

(the nasal cannula's are just there to help concentrate the oxygen that each baby receives while breathing room air and the tape you see on their arms is called the "pick lines" which means that there is a tiny IV that is secured in their arms by this thin tape so that they don't have to keep sticking the girls which means they are comfortable :)

Sweet Harper

Precious Lily

Daddy and Lily

Mommy and Harper


Footprints Ministry said...

"Come and see what our God has done,what awesome miracles he performs for people!" Psalm 66:5

I'm so glad to hear they are doing well! They are beautiful and the hair bows are precious! We are praying for your family daily! Please let us know if you need anything!

In His Grace,
Kim Wilson
Footprints Ministry

Mom said...

Laura--The pictures brought tears to my eyes. They are both so precious and such a testament to what God does for us. I love you ! MT's mom

Mary Tyler S. said...

Love Love LOVE the bow!

The Bean said...

I thought they looked really similar but in new babies it's always so hard for me to tell for sure. Especially when I haven't seen them in person yet. I can't wait!

mominalabama said...

These two little girls are so precious and so is their mom and dad. I am so thankful that they are doing so well and gaining weight. And YAY for mom's milk, they will really bloom and grow now!
I sure love ya'll.

Liz said...

two weeks old already! wow how the time flies :) glad to hear that they are continuing to do so well!! i love all of your updates and have been showing of your precious little ones in the office here. all the ladies at work are praying for you all as well! :) love the bows!

Madame Rubies said...

So beautiful. Sigh...

jackie said...

Your daughters are beautiful! And blessed to have the two of you as parents! I can't wait to meet them! It was great seeing you on monday and hopefully we'll get to see all of you again soon!

Carrie said...

Laura, I love the new pictures! I am so glad that they are doing well and continue to grow! You and Nick are doing an amazing job and I will continue to pray for you both!