Thursday, April 09, 2009

Nice is such a great word

I liked it better when my blog was called "baby steps." That's that.
@ JMG and his post on Stuff.
My plans are to dig into the kitchen drawers and shelves and the buffet and organize what we use often, find a place for what don't use often, and box up what we never use and give it to someone who will. Cleaning out is like losing weight - it just feels GOOD no matter how much just as long as you are losing.

There were two great shows I watched this week. One was on Confessions of Motherhood and the other was on Losing Weight in the Public Eye. These two topics are two topics I confront every day. I love being a mother; I think I have made that quite clear in my relationships and in other posts. There was one statement a mother made on the show that really rang true with me. The panel was discussing how women tend to "lose themselves" when they enter motherhood (a WHOLE 'nother post). That may be true for some. Not for me. I have never been more in touch with "ME" in all of my life. However, one mother said something like, "when women have children it is usually when they can say 'well I have already traveled enough or shut down every bar in town' I think I am ready to settle down and have a baby'. Then she said what women don't realize is that when you have a baby you are just less available to the other people in your life that "were" so important - so present. At first, you stop running into a gas station for a pack of gum. Then, you stop scheduling lunch dates with a girl friend and going to the movies with friends. Then, the girlfriend who just went through a breakup or a fight with her mom doesn't call you any more because she assumes you are too busy or in bed so she deals with it alone or calls someone else. *** When she said that, I got a knot in my throat because I know that I have friends that assume I can't be there for them because I am a mom now. But I am still a friend too. At least I want to be. Piggy backing on that... My kids are a good 1 year to 1.5 years older than my friends' babies (and future babies) so I say with desperation and sincerity to them that I am genuinely excited to spend more time with you and help you (if you want it) when Nick isn't in classes at night and my babies don't "need me" as much at bed time (5-6pm). Ok enough on that.

@Maughry, "In Which I Brag About Myself"
(your own little personalized post inside of a post ;)
Can I please tell you that I ran on Tuesday. Not ran out of formula... RAN, at the gym on a treadmill. I RAN, not five minutes, not ten minutes, but THIRTY minutes which was two miles. I know that is a pretty slow mile but I don't care... I ran without stopping for the first time in my life. Wasn't it you this summer that I told I could never run and wish I could love to run like you and other "runners?" Ok so I jogged but I jogged my heart out. I kept thinking of the contestants on the Biggest Loser and how they push themselves so hard every day all day and that I could at least push myself for thirty minutes. I am VERY proud of myself. Also I have lost 8 pounds. For this I am also very proud.

The perfect four day weekend starts now. I have the babies at home because the sitter's twins are ill :( But I am glad to have this time with mine. They are very very well. Almost 11 months old and just bubbly every day with new milestones and emerging personality traits that really make being their mother a joy. I read somewhere that today's assignment is to brag about your kids.
So I will start with Harper:
-she is patient
-she is an observer
-she plays gently with her toys
-she loves it when I read to her
-when she smiles it feels like she is saying, "Hey Mama, you're pretty" in a very sweet quite shy voice
-she likes to play on her back
-she has two bottom teeth
-she makes it very clear when she is ready to go down for a nap by throwing herself backward into an arch as if to really say "put me DOWN"
-she is not a picky eater
-she babbles Mamamama and Nanananana and Dadadadada
-she is attentive
-she is very hands on during play time
-when she smiles it feels like she is saying , "HEY MAMA!! GET ME GET ME GET ME!!!!"
-she likes to nap on my chest
-she also has two bottom teeth
-she is very close to sitting up on her own
-she also babbles mamamma and dadadadada

Neither one have been sick since February, praise God. And speaking of God, I hope that everyone will have a wonderful Easter. What a special season and celebration for believers. Whether you go to church or not do what you do with joy and peace.

This was nice.


mary said...

@Baby Steps. I liked it to. I never changed the name of your link on my blog. It still says baby steps.

@Stuff. Three years ago we had to downsize a three bedroom house FULL of stuff into a one bedroom 500 sq. ft. student apartment in Boston. It felt really good just get rid of SO MUCH stuff. We're about to do the exact same thing not because of downsizing but because of the cost of moving stuff from BOS to ATL. Lane has this rule that if we haven't used something in the past year then we don't need & it goes. It took some getting use to but it works well.

@Running. YAY LAURA!! 30 minutes straight is a big deal for a non-runner. My best law school friend started that couch to 5K program about a year and a half ago and went from not being able to run TWO minutes in a row to doing a half marathon this past fall. She weighs all of 90lbs but obviously wasn't in great aerobic shape and had never run in her life so it was a huge challenge for her. She really proved to me that anybody can do it. Also, this is the best time of year to start. Good luck. I'm proud of you too!!

Mary Tyler S. said...

I never changed it from Baby Steps either.

don't assume you aren't a good friend and can't be there for people just because you're a mommy. that is redic. You are going to be giving me lots of pointers and help I'm sure.

Plus we'll plan beach trips with mielkes and spivey clans where they are a wee bit older.

You are funny and I like you. and your babies.

and Nickel

The Bean said...

The girls are so sweet. It must be mind boggling to see how two kids who are so connected and look so much alike can be so different. :) I miss you guys and LOVE the new post picture.