Monday, April 13, 2009

Ear Aches and Ulcers

That is what they have. The $40 co-pay was worth it to find out
  • Harper has an infected right ear but no fever today
  • Lily has an infected right and left ear plus ulcers in her throat and fevers all day
  • Either a throw up bug OR the antibiotic is making their stomachs weak, either way they can't keep food or mild down.
  • SAD
  • BUT they have been sleeping now for 24 minutes... maybe they will go all night.
  • PRAY
SO another round of antibiotic, alternating tylenol and motrin every 3 hours, and lots of TLC. Hey I can't complain too much... this is the first time we have had any illnesses since Harper came home from the hospital in February.


Mommy and a Ministry said...

Hope they feel better soon! Get some rest!

lindsay said...

Poor baby girls! Lily and I where having such a good morning with our one on one time and then she just had to get and get sick. She did save you an extra trip to the doctor since she decided to go ahead and get sick right before you took Harper. Give them hugs and kisses for me and I absolutely love the pic you put on the blog.

The Bean said...

Sweet girls! They will be 11 months old tomorrow! That is cause for celebration!