Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sad Incorporated

It would appear that Lily may have Hand Foot and Mouth Disease characterized by throat ulcers, refusal to eat, constant drooling and gagging and vomiting, and screaming for hours on end. Moments like tonight when I am doing this by myself (Nick being at work and at school) I almost lose it but then remember that this time next week (hopefully) she won't remember this and she definitely won't remember this five years from now but I just can't help but cry for the pain she is in right now. Please don't allow her to get dehydrated. Please help the medicine stay down. And I pray to GOD please that Harper does not get this infection.


mary said...

This just breaks my heart!!!!
I'm praying for your girls. Keep us posted.

Stephanie said...

Hand foot and mouth is AWFUL. Just awful. I hate that she has it - that is the sickest Asher has ever been in his life. It was horrible.

They make Tylenol suppositories for babies called Feverall. I know that doesn't sound like any fun, but when they have a fever and are throwing up it's a lifesaver. You can get the fever down and may help her throat enough to get something down.

Also, she's almost a year - you could probably try yogurt with her this morning. May help her throat too.

When Asher had it, the doctor (not ours, but one in the practice) told us to mix (I don't remember the combination exactly) but Maalox with Tylenol and give it to him. The Maalox would coat the ulcers and provide some relief.

It's such a BAD sickness. I'm so sorry Lilly has it.

The Lemmond Family said...

Bless her heart!!! Thomas had this a couple of weeks ago. It was awful! He ran 130 temp for 3 days. I sure hope she gets to feeling better. Try popsicles! They make pedilite popsicles too!! It is sooo contagious!! I will pray Harper doesn't get it.

Julia said...

Laura, I'm so sorry to hear about sweet Lily! I will be praying for you. That's so hard, especially doing it alone.

Catie Murphy said...

Bless them! Bless you and Nick! Keep us posted!!! Thinking and praying for you all!