Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Morning

So if I don't post these kinds of updates a month goes by and people ask "how are the girls?" and say "Great!" even thought we have had 48 hours such as these last.
Saturday afternoon Harper woke up from her nap just... funky. Fever 102, clingy, DROOLING. I attributed these symptoms to teething and hoped that a little Orajel and cold compresses would solve it. Not so much. She has cried and cried through the last two nights. If she isn't on me she cries. If I even break eye contact with her she cries. This is SO not Harper. When she does eat she throws it up. She also appears to have an aversion to her bed. Last night she slept with me in our bed and actually got some shut eye. No matter the space I put between us she
would find her way back to me and cuddle - which is sweet but is the cause of the stiffness I have in my neck and lower back. So this morning I put a call into the doctor and at 2p.m. I'llhope to have an answer. It could be teething but for $20 I think it is worth it to have a professional take that little black light thingy, stick it in her ear, and tell me that it is or is not an ear infection.
In February, God answer my prayers for donated sick days so I have NO stress at all about not being at work. My meetings can wait and compensatory services will be offered to the kids who sessions I am missing. My guess and 5 years experience tells me though that a rainy Monday morning after SAT and ARMT testing yields LOW attendance at school today anyway.
I hope that everyone else's Monday isn't as manic.


Stephanie said...

My money is on her ears. Let us know what you find out.

Stephanie said...

Once again we may run into you this afternoon. We're going in at 4:15 - with Asher this time.

Mary Tyler S. said...

Those pics are PIT-EEE-Full!!! Get better Harp!