Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Wonderful Beautiful Sister

Thursday night I was in bed at an exceedingly ridiculous early bedtime of 7:30p.m. when my sister called. To give myself the benefit of the doubt I WAS reading for about 2 minutes before she called. She said she had been in bed early the night before reading too... some book about being a successful women in corporate America... I was reading Sippy Cups are Not for Chardonnay. Awesome.

Anyway, my sister is 25, lives in Memphis, and is doing really well in her job as an accountant. Ole'Miss grad but Bama girl at heart. She is all of 113 pounds ( I don't think she cares if I mention this - I don't think she even reads this) and is the most wonderful beautiful gal I know. She dresses simply but elegantly. She doesn't wear too much makeup. She sometimes wears perfume. She has started caring about Church but has always reminded me of Alice in Wonderland when it comes to knowing God (a good thing). She says please and thank you but also says the F word a lot but she is the kind of person that it sounds hilarious and awesome when she says it. She regularly dines out at the most posh restaurants and swanky bars with rich guys and her friends. She throws tacky Christmas parties at her house every year. She doesn't make her bed and she sleeps in her contacts. She still wears some of the same garments that she wore in high school. She is a penny pincher but would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. We didn't say "I love you" growing up. We said "olive juice" because we saw it meant "Iloveyou" in a movie once when we were little girls. One night a few years ago we were out having drinks at Sinclair's Old Cloverdale and she all of a sudden told me out of know where how much she looked up to me all growing up. This amazed me and in fact I think I said something like, "really!?!? I thought you hated me!?" I wish I could tell some of my favorite conversations we have had but she would kill me. Last year when I was in the hospital on bedrest, she called me at like 8:00 at night. She was crying (very rare for her) and saying that she was at a wedding a couple of hours before and that now she was at the reception but that at the wedding she got so choked up because it reminded her of me and of Nick and she just wanted me to know that she is worried about the babies and that she hoped everything will be o.k. and that we didn't deserve to be going through this and that she is so sorry she isn't there... I interrupted and said, "Mere, are you drunk?" and she said through laughing tears, "a little but I mean it!!?!?!" We both laughed and I said "I love you too" and hung up.

Tell me about your sister or brother.

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