Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Today is another great day.  I really don't have any new updates other than Harper is weighing in at 2.3 and Lily is up to 2.7!  They are both receiving 18-19 cc of breast milk every 3 hours and nurses tell us a healthy "true" weight gain is approximately an ounce a day.  Any weight gain over 1 ounce daily is more than likely fluid retention.  Both girls are off IV's and nasal canula's which means the only line they have is their feeding tubes.  As of this afternoon, the girls have spent almost a day and a half co-bedding, sleeping side by side.  The nurses report they are very happy this way and can stay in the same bed as long as all vitals are good and no one gets sick.  The nurses continue to be wonderful and very compassionate and Nick and I are still alternating holdings "skin to skin."  

Nick is very busy this week ( I miss him VERY much ) with the youth leadership camp he is helping to run at Huntingdon College.  I went by Monday night to hear a sermon on knowing God's vision for your life.  The speaker said that you can know His vision by listening to Him through communion, conflict, and community.  I might expound upon this later but really need a nap right now... plus I am still digesting the meat of it.  

I had lunch with my mom today: turnip greens, cornbread, and a small sirloin steak... sweet tea of course.  Mmm, so good.  Nothing like a home cooked Southern meal with one of my favorite gals in the world.  

That's all for now... short post I know.  Have a nice day :)


The Reeds said...

YAY for more good news! Thanks for keeping us updated:)

Laurel said...

thanks for the update! so glad the girlies are growing and staying healthy. you look amazing in all your pics...hope to see you soon!

Liz said...

man i miss steak and cornbread!! i always love hearing that your little ladies are doing so well!!

Courtney said...

Laura, its so neat for me to read your blog as a NICU nurse! It encourages me to hear things from a parent's perspective. So glad your babies are doing well and they get to co bed! You guys are in my prayers!