Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Nursery and New Best Friends

SO yesterday Nick and I did some serious work in the babies' room. We washed and organized all of the clothes, blankets, and burp cloths. We separated and labeled the changing table cabinets and the closet. We washed the linens and bumper pad for their beds and then we stepped back and looked at it all and got even more excited about Harper and Lily's homecoming!!! Dr. W. called yesterday and said that by the end of this week he would like to see them at least attempting to bottle feed. The girls are 33weeks 4 days gestational age today and will be eligible to come home at 35 weeks GA IF they can breathe and feed from the bottle at the same time and maintain their body temperatures and still continue to pee and poo on their own. SO we are praying that they can do all this in time to come home on INDEPENDENCE Day weekend - wouldn't that be neat?

Also, Nick and I adopted two snuggly animal/blankies to give to the girls last night for their comfort and security. Chi Chi the monkey is Harper's baby and Henry the Lion is Lily's. Growing up I had my favorite stuffed animals - Cuddles a plush puppy that I got on my 12 or 13th birthday when my parents couldn't be in town (away on business) they sent him to me INSIDE a BIG pink balloon full of sparkles and streamers. I also had a purple bunny named Flopsy that I got from my mother just before I had surgery and had to stay in the hospital over night. Anyway, we wanted to give the babies a special friend to have in the hospital and for us to watch grow tattered and used as the years go by.

What are some of your own memories of your favorite blankie or stuffed animal?


Shea said...

Love the nursery and the sweet little blankies! I so hate I couldn't make it to the shower! So glad you had fun!

Footprints Ministry said...

The nursery is beautiful!! The girls are gorgeous!! They look so sweet with their blankies.We are praying for your family daily!!

“O our God, we thank you and praise your glorious name!"
1 Chronicles 29:13

Mary Tyler S. said...

I didn't really have a favorite. But mom always took my picture with the same white teddy bear. It was cool seeing how much bigger I grew in comparison with the bear.

The girls are beautiful! and I'm so impressed with their nursery! It totally looks like a pottery barn ad. You'll have to come help me one day.

The Bean said...

I got a blue elephant beanie buddy when I was about 14 just because and I have had him with me ever since. His name is Mr. Peanuts and he has an earing in the top of his left ear. A suggestion from my freshman year college roomate. :) He sleeps with me still when Mr. Bean is out of town.

Carrie said...

I love the nursery! It looks great. Are those Angel Dear lovies? Noah has one that has turned into his best friend. He has the giraffe named Spots. He loves it!! My best friend was and still is Mr. Bears. He is a blue bear that used to cry when he tilted back. My Grandma gave him to me when I was three weeks old and I have slept with him every night since. He's been around the world, well at least to Europe. Adam asked me the other day if it was time for him to retire because how would I explain to Noah that mommy sleeps with a bear? I had a similar post about Noah picking a best friend back in Feb. here's a link:

Sarah Beth said...

Hey!!! I love love love the nursery. Love the colors and everything. I am so excited for you and Nick and will be praying that you get to bring your babies home soon! :)

Stephanie said...

We have the monkey as our back-up to Geoff. Asher just calls him by the sound a monkey makes "hoo-hoo?"

I love their room.