Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friday Night Out

Nick and I treated ourselves out to a very fancy meal at the Renaissance Hotel's "The House" last night alongside Mr. and Mrs. L. It is the finest dining I have done in Montgomery. On your next "big occasion" I recommend taking your credit card and your big appetites and heading downtown for an evening of friendly and professional service, exquisite appetizer, entree, and dessert menu selections, and live music on the terrace.

I ordered fried soft shell crab as a starter, salmon on summer squash succotash, and the flourless chocolate torte served with fresh raspberries, and coffee. My wine of choice was the House Reisling. Live R&B on the terrace entertained us for a few songs before heading to Sinclairs's (Old Cloverdale) for one last cocktail before calling it a night... and what a night is was.

Nick and I considered it a celebration for having such beautiful healthy babies and the last "hoorah" for a little while. It won't be the LAST time we have a date so special but as we get closer to the homecoming of the babies we are considering that we will be eating in much more often and hiring babysitters occasionally.

Today, laundry, walking the dog, and maybe a trip to the bookstore. Happy Saturday!


Eleanor said...

Put me on that babysitter list!


Or take me out to eat like that. Totally up to you.

Stephanie said...

Hey Laura, I was thinking this morning. Remember standing in my hallway last fall saying, "I'm pregnant!" "Me too!" I never thought then that by the end of June all of our babies would be here.