Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bottle Feedings

This weekend the twins made wonderful gains!  
Lily weighs 3.10
Harper weighs 3.8
I fed Lily 20cc of breast milk from a bottle today at 11:00a.m.  The remaining 8 cc she took through her tube.  She latched onto the bottle/nipple immediately, fixed her eyes on mine, and finished what she could in 10 minutes. VERY good start for a first timer!  We will give it another try tomorrow.
Harper had her first try at bottle feeding tonight at 8:00 and was not quite as successful as Lily however, we are so proud of her for doing as well as she did which was 5 cc.  The remaining 23cc she took from her tube.  She was alert at first and the few sucks she managed she gazed at me the whole time however, having just had a bath and it being the end of the day she was simply too tired to make much effort to suck and breathe and swallow - a very coordinated task to ask of such a little baby!
We are so proud of them both!  
More updates to follow. 
Here is a picture just for fun!
They are fraternal but they look pretty identical to us!


The Reeds said...

Yay Lily and Harper!! We'll be praying the feedings get better and better so they can come home soon. Love and Prayers!

The Bean said...

They do look an awful lot alike.

Mom said...

Wow!! That is great progress for them. They will be in that cute nursery before you know it. MT's mom

Sarah Beth said...

That is wonderful!! I am also so excited about the bachelorette, and the men tell all..bring back Graham :)