Monday, June 16, 2008


It is Monday morning and most people are staring the work week again or thinking about getting "need to do's" done or starting a new diet and most of these people are dreading it! So I would like to start my week off by offering some "KUDOS!"

To: Jason
Thanks for bringing up a topic most people avoid or make light of - our responsibility to our health. And an extra pat on the back to you for already taking a HUGE step towards wellness with me back in December.

To: Laurel
Of the three blog tributes I have read in memory of Tim Russert yours has been my favorite and I encourage everyone who is reading my blog right now to read this one. Short, to the point, accurate, and sentimental.

To: Nick
For being a new Daddy! Pastor June's sermon on the role of a Daddy was inspiring and I have no doubts that you will be the most amazing Father to our daughters be building their self esteems and most importantly showing them God's love everyday.

To: Asher
For seizing life with wild abandon and making us smile to watch you!

To Harper & Lily:
For gaining weight this week and having all great reports! Happy one month birthday (June 15th) and I love you babies!

To Ali:
I know it isn't easy for you to adjust to our new schedule, but aside from the moaning and crying you do around 3 a.m. you are doing a great job. I miss you sleeping in the bed with us but this is a change that has to happen. You are no longer the pack leader. I want you to know that I love you very much but can only express my love to you in your language by remaining calm and consistent and enforcing new rules to better our den. I apologize for trying to change who you are by communicating in a language you have not understood (human language) and I admit that it is my fault that you have been confused. We humans are not as smart as we claim to be. I am trying to change a part of who I am to meet your needs and build a better relationship with you and also to save what is left of our carpet (alas!) I am spending some of my free time by reading Jan Fennell's book (review to follow). Sorry Cesar Milan but you wouldn't write me back in a time when I was highly vulnerable, reached out to you for help, and you shut me down in a rejection email stating you were just too busy with more important emails, whatever.

KUDOS everyone!


Jason said...

Cesar is a fool!! hahahaha

Stephanie said...

Look at those cute babies.

Laurel said...

thanks for your kind words Laura!

I'm so happy to see those growing baby girls!!