Monday, June 01, 2009

Summer, Day One

Do you remember that feeling you would get as a little child the night before Christmas or just before going on a big trip? The anticipation... the excitement... the urgency to just get there!?! And then feeling so sad when it was over that you almost wish that everyday was "the night before?" That is kind of what today is like for me. It is day 1 of summer vacation and I have really been paying attention to the clock today and doing things I love to do because 8 weeks is all I have to enjoy being off work. I don't want to sound "braggy" in this post because I am sure everyone reading will think, "must be nice" to have vacation that lasts for 8 weeks when a lot of people can't even get one free evening to do what they want. It isn't bragging... it is just a fact that being a teacher is the best place for me to be at this time in my life. I have complained before that I wish I didn't have to work but if working full time is where God has me right now then working full time as a teacher is the next best thing to being a stay at home mom. I am not bitter anymore about not getting to stay home full time with my kids... I am not even bitter about how expensive child care is. I am just thankful. My heart is full. This morning I made a promise to myself that I would not waste this time. It would be nearly impossible though to feel as though any of this time is wasted seeing that I am home with the two most beautiful baby girls in the world. I have three "big To-Do's" on my list for this summer that will require discipline but they are goals I can achieve. Looking forward to days ahead and living in the moment!


Sarah Barry Spooner said...

Laura, I'm so glad you have quality time with your girls! You will enjoy every minute I'm sure. They are adorable. I have enjoyed your blog so much. Hope you don't mind me posting your link under "my friends blogs." Happy summer!

Jason said...

YAY for your time off ...
and someone wise once said "it aint bragging if you can do it"
We are going to do some fun stuff on Fridays this summer like canning and taking the girls and my nephews to the pool. How does that all sound ??
one of my goals is not to complain so much about summer....and learn to enjoy it more