Sunday, June 07, 2009

This Will Have to Tide You Over...

-Starting at about 1:00p.m. today I won't see my husband very much until about noon on Wednesday. It is Annual Conference time for the Alabama West Florida United Methodists. Nick and about 1,499 other Methodists will be worshipping, fellowshipping, and taking care of church business ( you didn't know that church had business to handle did you?) at Frazer from today through Wednesday. For you this means 1.) you should say prayers for this event 2.) I most likely won't be doing any major updating on my blog between now and then.
I started a Twitter!
and it's gonna be legen-dary" ... if you don't watch How I Met Your Mother, start Net Flix'n it immediately.
I have the next 7 weeks for summer vacation to be spent at home and throughout my day I would catch myself saying one line descriptions of my activities, or something funny a baby just did, or maybe I would hear something ridiculous on the Today show and want to share... so what the heck.

-My sister called me from the Cold Play show in Nashville last night. The first time she called was during the opener, Life in Technicolor. The second time was during Lovers in Japan... I could hear people commenting about the paper butterflies. It kind of made me tear up a little and really miss that night at Oak Mountain - minus the overwhelming blanket of clove smoke, perfection.

-I should mention how absolutely in love with my two daughters I am. I am having so much fun rotating from station to station in the house during the day and going on little quick outings like to Shakespeare or the YMCA. During the times when we are on the floor or in the back yard I talk to them and help them build block towers or read a book... but about every 5 minutes I just close my mouth and watch them with this big grin on my heart. They are so beautiful and becoming such little people. I told Nick the other night to enjoy holding them at night time because before we know it they will be so long... still holdable, but cradling a toddler is not the same as rocking an infant. Parents... agree?

-Today I am attempting to begin on closet organization. Is there such a thing?

I leave you with the most beautiful faces I have ever seen.

Harper's little nose has a tickle

Lily devouring her giraffe


Harper saying, "Pick me Mommy, pick me!"

Harper on the left, Lily on the right

Lily, I can really see her hair is getting lighter


mary said...

Yay. Welcome to tweetville. I really enjoy the community on there especially when I'm stuck inside by myself studying all day. I don't even see my law school friends anymore now that I'm doing this ipod self study for the Bar exam. Twitter is something that is easier for me to make time for than facebook and blogs (which I still obviously make time for at this point) because there are much fewer people on there to keep up with (for me anyway).

I'm glad you are enjoying the time with your girls so much. It feels like they were just born yesterday. The time is really flying.

Laura said...

Hi Laura!
I love reading your blog! You are a great writer! You don't know me, but we seem to have a lot in common. I am a teacher, named Laura, with twins. :-) I found your blog when I researched twin blogs when my babies were in the NICU last summer. I enjoy reading! I love seeing what you are up to with your girls!

Tomicka said...

Oh what precious babies. They seemed to have grown since their birthday. Aren't you loving being a stay at home mommmy? If you want to go swim, let me know if you need any extra hands at the pool.

Anonymous said...

You are such a great mama! I love reading your blog.

Sarah Barry Spooner said...

Harper and Lily are SO beautiful. Both have gorgeous eyes!

Laura said...

Hey Laura,
Glad you enjoyed reading the blog! I am going to leave my email address for you. I would love to be in touch with a fellow twin mama! I am a little uneasy about giving out my location publicly because of a bad experience that a friend had. I am a little "old school" about putting stuff on the internet! Ha! I will be happy to tell you in an email because I am actually pretty close to you! :-) Hope you are enjoying your time with the girls!

Catie Murphy said...

Hey girl! So glad that you are home with the babes this summer, awesome news!

Laura said...

Hey Laura,
Yep! We definitely have our days when things get a little boring! The pool has helped because it gives us a little activity in the afternoon. I also try to get them out once a day... even if we just go to Target or something. Once they are older we will be able to do much more! Have you guys been to any parks or anything? I was wondering how mine would do in those baby swings?? They may not be big enough yet. Were your girls born prematurely? My two were born at 33 weeks, so they are both still small for their age. They are catching up, though! :-)

The Bean said...

we were tied over now we need another update