Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy 7 months Babies!

Lily 6 1/2 months old, 12 pounds

Harper 6 1/2 months old, 11 1/2 pounds
Harper trying to raise her little head up

Lily on her jungle gym

Harper swinging and giving a very pitiful look to me

My baby girls, 6 1/2 months old, Lily on the left, Harper on the right
Dr. visit today and the girls turned 7 months old.  Their eyes, ears, and lungs were all reported perfect today!  Lily weighed 12.8 and Harper weighed 12.1.  They are cooing and screaching so much during the day and early evening.  They love the Christmas tree and watching the lights as they eat their nightie bottle.  Also, we picked up a Baby Einstein DVD this weekend, "Mozart", and they seem to really enjoy it as well.  I do not want to be a parent who lets their kids watch TV all day everyday but at this stage of development when they aren't rolling or crawling yet and don't want to be held all of the time (nor do they need to be held all the time) I feel that a 20 minute video twice a day is acceptable.  Once, in the morning after bottles as I get ready for work and then once at night after their afternoon snack bottle as a "wind down" activity.  Other than that I really like for them to "play" on a blanket with rattles and other toys and of course each other or swing and watch me do something like cook or clean - use every opportunity and task as a "language teaching" time!!!  

Sunday afternoon we went to a NICU reunion/Christmas party at Baptist East.  It was really really neat to see and visit with other families that we met during our NICU days.  Everyone was very excited to see how much H&L have grown.  It was really amazing to see other babies that I remember being so tiny or so covered up by chords and tubes in normal clothes and "filled out" as we refer to preemies that have gained weight well!  Also, it was nice to see the mommies - I told N last night that it dawned on me that another good reason for a reunion is because you never really say "goodbye" to other NICU families... they are there one minute (or month, or two) and then just gone.  Like us, no one really sticks around to say goodbyes to the other families... a few hugs to the doctors and nurses and then you are getting your babies and getting out of there.  Also, when you meet a woman for the first time who has just given birth and then been told her baby has to go to ICU, she doesn't exactly look her best.  Myself included.  So it was very nice and refreshing to see all of the happy HEALTHY mommies back on their feet and dressed and GLOWING that new mommy glow.

That's about it for now on the baby updates!  Keep checking in!  Would love to hear from you.


Jason said...

Happy 7month Birthday Babies...I love yall

Mary said...

Awe! They look so beautiful. Lane and I can not wait to see how much they've grown since august!!! It is amazing to see the difference since last May. What a blessing.

Happy 7 Months Mielke twins!

Madame Rubies said...

Harper makes faces like her Daddy. Hee hee.

Mary Tyler S. said...

Ok so please zoom in on Harpers pitiful picture. THOSE EYES are incredible!!

Happy 7th month twinkies :)

The Bean said...

Awwwww. I feel a wrestling match between the cousin's coming. Baby Bean 2 was 11lb3oz last week at his 1 month check up.

The girls look beautiful!

Laurel said...

so stinkin cute!
it is truly unbelievable how quickly and how much they have changed!