Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Wrap Up

Well it's a good thing that every year I say, "This was the best Christmas ever."

Christmas Eve my dad, his new wife, and my younger siblings came over for heavy appetizers and gift swap.  Nick and I were giving off of a very very small budget... actually we didn't budget for Christmas because there simply isn't any money in the account for anything other than the bills which has to last until January 31st.  (still in the mess of not getting paid during my maternity leave.)  We used gift cards and cash received from our anniversary to buy relatives "something" to open because we knew they would have something for us and the girls - oh and because it is the season of giving right? (post to come about this - the New Year Resolution post).  I explained that this year would be our "freebie" Christmas of giving a framed picture of the twins - something everyone wants and needs right!?  I vow to sock away some cash every month until next Christmas to cover the cost and to make a bigger deal of birthdays this year because the truth is I really do like giving gifts (who doesn't like receiving) but when it all adds up cost wise and you realize you just don't have it it can steal the joy.  So I really appreciate everyone for being so grateful for what little we could give. 

Christmas morning the M's came by for breakfast and gifting followed by Nick and my first holiday meal at our dining table using our china, crystal, and silver.  I must say we did do a really good job.  Pork tenderloin, squash casserole, green bean casserole, mac and cheese, rolls, and carrots (still full).  By 2pm the house was quiet again and Nick, the babies, and I cuddled up on our bed to watch, Finding Nemo.  Random I know but we wanted something animated, colorful, and longer than thirty minutes in case we were able to sneak in a snooze.  About that time my sister and mama called to ask it it was alright to come by for a little while, "Absolutely" was my exact response.  Short and sweet describes their visit but I'll take what I can get.  We had to miss their official celebration the night of Christmas because with two infant babies it just isn't practical to be away from home anytime after 6pm.  

Favorite gifts?  
-my very own copy of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird
- a two stranded bracelet with beads spelling out Harper and Lily
- a Lavender and Vanilla oil burner
- one pink Bumbo seat, one purple Bumbo seat - now maybe the girls can really be on their way to actual gross motor milestones like sitting up.

When we will take down the tree?
-probably tomorrow.  I think that this Christmas went by faster than any other Christmas before.  It really does seem like yesterday we were putting it up.  The question on everyone's mind... where will the couches go NOW

- lunch at Chappy's with the Huntingdon crew
- visit from my childhood friend visiting from DC

Next point/question:
Does anyone ever get the "blues" after a day like Christmas, especially when it is so gray out?  It seems like mentally I KNOW there is no reason to be blue but it's like, when all of the hype and commercialism goes away it can be a real spiritual test to keep the meaning of the season in your heart and efforts. It is 9 am now, the day after, and the babies are playing on the floor, Nick is snoozing on the couch (of course) and I am on the porch with the dregs of Christmas Blend and I just feel like there is nothing to "do."  We really must take more advantage of the double stroller and blessing of "off time" instead of feeling like, "now what?"  I sound like a kid sad that the Disney trip is over instead of ecstatic of the fact that we got to go.  I have always been this way...  I have always enjoyed anticipation more than the outcome.  It is not because my expectations aren't met, they were exceeded this year and every year, but I guess that the gloom of "back to the grindstone" sets in and as the mommy it is my job to keep things interesting, clean, and happy.  You know what I mean? 

Also,  I hear stories and see pictures of other babies our kids' age (and younger) and am reminded that they are ... behind.  I was told to expect this but it just makes me kind of sad.  They are 7 months old now, not rolling over, not sitting up, not eating baby foods, and have laughed once.  I am ready to be able to chase them and giggle with them and read to them without them dozing off or squirming to lay on the floor and look at things.  I feel this guilt like it is my responsibility to get them to accomplish these milestones.  I feel like there is more that I could be doing to help them but then I know that there are other babies FAR less stimulated and loved on than mine and they turn out and grow up.  Isn't there some sort of preemie mom counseling or literature that could help me out and give me some peace of mind?

(I promise there wasn't a pea under my mattress last night, I am just being honest)

Signing off now... about to go intervene on the snooze fest and rally for some tummy time!

Merry Christmas, be thinking of some resolutions to share!  I am jotting and journaling a few of my own.


The Bean said...

I love Christmas time but there are so many other things to look forward too throughout the year that I get excited about it all.

Your babies are beautiful and once they start hitting those milestones it will happen all at once so fast that you will feel like you can't even keep up. Maybe this will help, a friend of mine has a baby that was born at full term and he is 10 months old with no teeth yet. And Baby Bean didn't sit up on her own ( I blame her big head from Mr. Bean) until she was 8 months old. See you in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura M. said...

Thanks Bean. I read something tonight that said there is really nothing a parent can do to push their child to develop except give the frustration vibe to the baby and makes her (them) feel inadequate and insecure and I DONT WANT THAT. The babies will come around and like you said when they do they will have me so busy Ill probably long for the day they were so still and peaceful. Each day is a BLESSING and I said earlier to Steph, Mary, Val, and Eliz. that they have already accomplished SO much no I get to just sit back and watch them show off. Looking forward to seeing you guys!

Madame Rubies said...

We NEVER have had money for Christmas, so I totally relate to the giving thing. And, for me, it is uber hard, b/c Gifts is my "love language." I can't NOT give. Craziness. :) And, I am impressed you HAVE a dining room table and china, etc... Consider yourself ahead of us.