Saturday, December 20, 2008

150th Post

Doesn't 150 posts sound significant?  Like I have really made a commitment to something and stuck with it.  There are 150 other things that I wish that I cold commit to accomplishing 150 times!

Today is Saturday and the first day of my two week Christmas break.  I have never been so excited about a break as I am about this one probably because I have never had children on Christmas before.  LAST Christmas day I was 6 or 7 weeks pregnant (I think) and I distinctly remember sitting down at the dinner table at my parent's house, taking two bites, and running to the restroom to throw up (morning sickness).  Later that week as we traveled to St. Louis to celebrate New Years with Nick's family I had a similar but MUCH WORSE episode at Aunt Nancy's house.   

Work Christmas party last night.  Nothing to say about it other than the wings were delicious and I won one of my favorite things in Dirty Santa: shower gel, lotion, and bath salts (no body splash :(  

Today we will be at home and hopefully get a few chores done.  My sister and her friend plan on coming by to deliver Christmas gifts and then at two I have a haircut.  Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE haircuts.  Some gals like shoes, or purses, I love haircuts.  The minute I realize I need one I am pretty obsessed the thought of it until my appointment is made and I am sitting there.  I was lucky to get an appt. today.  Thinking about going for my regular short angled bob then maybe letting it grow out again.

The babies are playing on the floor next to the Christmas tree.  Lily is stuck in a half roll and making a very funny grunting sound.  Ali keeps standing in between both of them giving them kisses and wiggling her little tail in the way a dog does when they are excited but know they are about to get in trouble, and Harper is screaching - not screaming as an infant does when unhappy, but screaching - making high shrilled noises just to hear herself talk.  

Wouldn't a Christmas tree be the most beautiful and enchanting thing young eyes have ever seen?


Madame Rubies said...

I too am partial to haircuts. They are refreshing. :)

Mary said...

Agree about haircuts. I'm SO attached to my Boston person, it might be the biggest thing I'll miss when we leave. I found her almost immediately when we moved there so she's my longest committed relationship with anyone in new england :-)

I know you are going to enjoy this break so much! I can't wait to see H&L! I bet they look huge compared to August!

Mary Tyler S. said...

SCREECH!! Mama can you hear me talking??? So sweet.

Let me know when we can come visit - maybe after the hulabaloo of Christmas but before New Years.

Catie Murphy said...

Laura, I finally got a chance to pour over your blog and read up on the lives of your girls. Amazing! I would love to hear more in person! Miss you!!! Hey, what is your email?

The Bean said...

Congrats on 150 posts! :) I'm excited about seeing the girls in 2 1/2 weeks. :) They need to know their Aunt Bean!