Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New Digs!

Great News:  Harper and Lily are really big girls!  They are both 4 pounds! Both babies are still feeding from the bottle at 11am, 5pm, and 11pm and doing SO well at that.  Also, they moved out of their apartment (isolette) and into an open crib together!  We are so excited because this means that as long as they can maintain their own body temperatures in the open crib and continue to increase their bottle feedings the closer they are to coming home.  WOW.
Nick and I have also gotten to help with bath time at nights which is really fun.  Man how they throw fits when they are not all bundled up in their blankies!  Here are a few recent pictures taken Sunday night.  Harper is the baby with no tape on her face because she pulled her feeding tube out (for the one millionth time).


Mary Tyler S. said...

oh my goodness! They are getting so big and SO CUTE! Let me know when to get the "Welcome Home" signs out! :*)

Madame Rubies said...

Harper will be your firecracker. That's my prediction. Lily will be strong and beautiful but not need to prove it as much.

Call me crazy.


Footprints Ministry said...

Wow Laura!!! God is soooo good!!! It won't be too much longer now that they are in an open crib! Yay!!! We are praying for you!!

"I always thank my God for you and for the gracious gifts he has given you"
1 Corinthians 1:4

In His Grace,
Kim Wilson
Footprints Ministry

Mary said...

It is so exciting to follow your girls' progress through your blogs. Sorry I don't make time to comment enough but I read every one. They look amazing.

Have you formed opinions of who they look the most like at this stage? Harper in this post really favors her dad to me.

Congrats on the progress. I'm sure they'll be home before you know it!

luke said...

I am so happy to hear all the great news about the girls!
I was really am looking forward to seeing them again soon! I'm working late (7-8ish) every night this week, so if you're heading to see them and you think of me... give me a call!
I hate that we missed each other yesterday, but I hope it your nap made the meeting even better. I can't wait to hear how it went. This is such an exciting time and I feel so lucky to be a part of it!

Jason said...

So excited about these wonderful little ladies coming home ....