Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Likes and Dislikes

Lately there have been little things that make me happy and little things that annoy me very much.

I like:
being home and the t.v. being off
sugary cinnamon bun coffee creamer, i know its the definition of empty calories but I don't care
when my husband begs me not to clean the house today so he can do it when he gets home
freezable meals
clorox wipes
never using a blow dryer in the summer time
wearing flip flops in the house

I dislike:
NO I HATE - when people unload their shopping cart and leave the buggy when they are through OR WORSE just push it a few feet from where they should be deposited to make themselves feel better for not just leaving it in an empty car slot.  LAZY!!! 
getting calls on my cell phone whose numbers I don't recognize and them not leaving a message
wheat bread, along the same lines as coffee creamers, i should eat wheat bread but Sunbeam is just so much tastier
cheap facial moisturizers that ooze off of your face the nanosecond that you even think of humidity
blogs that have music on them... BECAUSE when I X out of that blog as I scroll through my blog tabs the music blogs shut down my internet... did you know that you do that?  I am not annoyed at you, music blogger, just the fact that any blog I read that has music on it (about 6) has to be grouped with the other music blogs in a different web server so that it doesn't shut my internet down - and one more thing... I can't hear your music anyway because when my blog tabs are all up in a row on the top of my screen waiting to be read that means like 6 songs are trying to play at once so I have to mute my computer anyway... but I am not complaining, I am still devoted to each and every blog on my list :)


(I never say ciao, where did that come from?)


Mary Tyler S. said...
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Mary Tyler S. said...

ah ha! I took my dang music player off last month because it was annoying the crap out of me. So I'm feeling your pain on that one.

In response to the buddy thing, Lazy buggy pushers are WAY on the top of my list. I mean how lazy can people truly be???

Sorry about the deleted comment - i spelled NUMEROUS words incorrectly.

Mary Tyler S. said...

buddy = buggy


Eleanor said...

I am totally stealing this idea for my blog since I haven't had a single independent thought in a week.

Jason said...

Speaking of freezable meals...I think we are past due for some Turkey and Dressing ??? Dont ya think

Carrie said...

I hate the buggy thing too!! I have actually spent twenty minutes (pre baby) putting carts in the cart return. Come on people! Just put them away!!