Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Eye Opener

Please read today's post by Pastor Jay Wolf, senior pastor of First Baptist, Montgomery, Alabama.  His daughter in law, who lives with her husband and baby in Los Angeles, is 26 years old and suffered from a massive brain stem stroke back in April.  She was not expected to have lived and if she did doctors said she would be paralyzed and never regain consciousness.  She has beat all of the odds and although she has a long way to go in regaining her strength, including such basic tasks as learning to swallow again, doctors, friends, and family have every hope that she will be restored and able to care for her 6 month old baby again.  She is whispering one word utterances and signing to communicate.  She has even shown signs of her own sense of humor.  Just last week she whispered and signed to her pastor/father in law, "what has happened to me?"  Her husband Jason was a friend of mine in high school and from what I hear has been so strong and supportive through all of this.  Anyway, if you have time and need some encouragement and inspiration read Pastor's post (click "pastor's post).

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Eleanor said...

I read Katherine's blog EVERY morning, Laura, and I just loved what Jay wrote on there a couple days ago...

"Authentic love is not a feeling but a choice. You choose unbreakable commitment. You intentionally and consistently select to serve the needs of your beloved. You maintain attitudes and actions of unstoppable goodwill."

What an amazing story, and what a remarkable family.