Monday, April 21, 2008

Yes I mean YOU!


Why do we talk ourselves out of exercising? And I don't even mean jogging on the treadmill at the gym followed by 3 sets of 12 reps on each major muscle family followed by 500 crunches. I'm talking simple 30 -60 minute walk around your neighborhood. I am SO the pot calling the kettle black because more often than not the conversation in my head is... "I should go on a walk before American Idol... nnn I don't want to get all sweaty... but it is so nice outside and Ali loves walks, come on... nnn but I actually styled my hair this morning and Bible study is at 7 I don't want to have to get ready a second time... you will feel so much better... nnn I 'd rather eat a snack and watch TV" ITS CRAZY TALK.

As I was putting on my tennishoes tonight at 6:45 I yelled to Nick from the bedroom, "I don't want to do this!!!" (But why not!) One hour , 2 full times around the neighborhood, one gorgeous sunset, 5,000 fresh breaths, 5-6 friendly waves to neighbors, and a quiet conversation with God later I feel amazing and know that I will sleep so good tonight and feel so refreshed tomorrow. My goal this week is to get moving to at least 3 afternoon/night walks this week.

Get outdoors people!


Jason said...

AMEN !!!!!!!! I am gonna be joining you soon !!

luke said...

me too. i was admiring my ever-growing belly last night and it occurerd to me that my new job leaves me in a much more sedentary position than Starbucks ever did. not that i would ever consider working @ the 'Bucks as some form of exercise, but i at least was on my feet all day, moving around, being active.

it also occurred to me that as far as eating going, we do pretty well... until dinner. breakfast is usually fairly light, and even when its not, its nothing awful, just eggs, bacon, and cheese on a bagel. lunch is made at home: a half sandwich, Goldfish, a Kashi cookie, & yogurt.

but dinner always ends up being the deal-breaker. like lasagna last night. i knew the amount was gonna be big, but i didn't realize it was gonna be THAT big. as a result, we ate way too much for one sitting.

anywho... yeah. if i want to remain able to fit into my new fancy work pants, i need to get on some sort of exercise regimen. now.

The Bean said...

I understand completely. Naps with baby bean are so much more appealing than going to my basement to workout. Maybe in the evenings after Mr. Bean goes to work we can start walking together.

LMilky said...

As much as I HATE "diets" I did see one good idea on the Health channel the other day called the "reverse diet" where you eat what you would typically eat for dinner... for breakfast ex/ chicken breast, rice, veggies, salad then for lunch have a meal half that size for example a chef salad, then for dinner have a bowl of cereal or bagel with a cup of milk or juice. Most people, like Luke said, pack their heavy and often nutrient-less calories on in the evening right before we go to bed so all of that energy has all night to sit and be unused.

Mary Tyler S. said...

and I hope to be joining you on Tuesday per our discussion....

oh and I totally agree with Luke - after I started my new job I realized I was actually keeping off my gut by standing all day at Francescas. Now I have to work it off!!! blah!