Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday's Post Part I

I was able to sleep in this morning till 8:00 a.m. Ali propped up on my chest between 6:45 and 7 and started to lick my nose almost as if to say, "Wake up... you were supposed to be up by now and getting ready for work." But today is an off day! It is nine o'clock now and Nick and I have spent the start of the morning straightening up and making the house smell nice for out guests that will be arriving around 10:00. Nick's mom, sister, and our niece are coming around 10:00 and we will all go together to an ultrasound appt. at 10:50. I am excited to see how much Lily and Harper have grown over the past 4 weeks. Emily is also pregnant and I just know it will be hard for her not to hop up on the table and say, "Just one little peek since I'm already here!?!" Afterwards we will lollygag around town, grab some lunch, and just enjoy the day.

It is one of those perfect mornings outside on our porch where the mowers can be heard buzzing next door, the pigeons are cooing, and the coffee tastes great. It is also one of those mornings where you just take a deep breath in and exhale, "I love you Lord and Thank you."


luke said...

quiet, you! those of us trapped in our concrete & glass cages of emotion from 8am-5pm today must not hear or read of the wonders of the outside world! we may revolt!

hopefully we'll see y'all this weekend at some point?

Liz said...

i love mornings like that!!! have fun with the Female Beans!! Hope the appointment goes well :)

Laurel said...

love it.
and doesn't it make you feel like "thank you" is not enough? an understatement even?

hope we get to see new pics of the little ladies!