Sunday, April 13, 2008

RestFUL nights

I don't know if it is all in my head but the past two nights of sleep have been wonderful for me.

Nick and I swapped sides of the bed. Most couples have a side. I am on the right and he is on the left beside the dresser where he can store the two remotes, his cell, his Mac, and cup of Crystal Light. I just need a place to rest my cell phone/alarm so the smaller bedside table is fine. Last week, I found myself up three times a night, 12:00a.m, 3am, and 5am to go to the bathroom and try to find a position that did not aggravate my sciatic nerve. Most of you heard about the episode I had on the way to Memphis back in March. It happens that this nerve, located on the right side of my body from the lower back down to the foot, when pinched will send me into nauseating restlessness that requires me to get up, stretch, take a handful of tums and find a new position to sleep.

So three nights ago, I suggested that I try sleeping on Nick's side of the bed so that I can lay on my left side and be facing the outside of the bed. The first night was amazing sleep. I did not get up one time! The only bad part about this night was that I had an all night dream that Nick was telling me he was gay and that he was moving to Birmingham with "Heath." I remember screaming and crying in the dream "WHY!?!? WHY did you marry me if you are GAY!?!?" This night terror seems to be a reoccurring dream for me unfortunately - not that I actually or subconsciously feel this way. (I had actually watched an episode earlier that day of Oprah where a gay man married a woman, had two children, then "came out").

Last night I slept so good that I don't even remember my dreams and I didn't wake up one time until 7:40 a.m. Everyone says, "Enjoy it now cause when those babies come you can kiss that goodbye!" so think of something else clever to say in the comment section ;) (wink wink) There were new sheets on the bed and that ALWAYS makes the first night a little more restful.

23 weeks pregnant today. Harper and Lily are swimming all over the place. Everything I have read say that they will be most active in the night time and sleep most of the day but I am not sure that is my children's schedule yet. They seem to be up when I am up... hungry when I am hungry... and still when we are in bed and I want them to kick so Nick can feel. It would be beautiful if things stayed this way when and after they are born.
Other symptoms:
-swollen feet, ankles, and hands (edema)
-blood pressure 114/40
-gaining a pound a week
-far less indigestion
-category "desperate hunger" coming on ever 3-4 hours, again. First trimester I had never been so hungry. Second trimester I could not have cared less about what I ate. Third trimester... like the first? Don't know the full scope yet.
-I catch my elementary students at work looking at my stomach all of the time. One little boy was so bold as to blurt out, "You 'gone have a baby?" When I said, "Actually there are two in here!" he quickly nodded his head and said, "Yea, you big."

Nursery is coming along. Walls, done, chest of drawers are being painted, cribs on are the way, one set of bedding needs to be ordered, the first set is here. (video and pics to follow)

Looking forward to this week. Work should be "back to normal" since SAT testing is completed. I will have Friday off to go to the doctor for ultrasound and checkup then spend the rest of the day with Nick's family.

Hope that everyone had a nice weekend.


The Bean said...

I swelled like you wouldn't believe! And you will actually get more sleep than people let on. Even with twin babies. I haven't had twins but people I know say they normally keep similar schedules. Can't wait to see you guys!

Jason said...

WOW have some intense dreams!!!
Glad you are sleeping how bout you send some good sleep vibes my way also

Nick M. said...

I have to say I have also slept better the last two nights since switching sides of the bed. I am sure that it is completely my imagination but it is just one of those thing. Go figure!

Stephanie said...

I haven't slept well at all this pregnancy. People always said that to me too, but I hate that kind of advice. It doesn't really work that way. I can't wait to hear/see what you're doing with the nursery. I swelled so much with Asher that I stopped even paying attention to the scale - after the c-section, I was so swollen I couldn't wear maternity clothes home from the hospital. I had to go the day after we got home and buy big-girl sweatpants just so I had something to wear for a few weeks. Boo. I haven't swollen with this pregnancy, but I've been hungry a lot lately too. Just like you, every 3-4 hours. I guess there's worse things.

Stephanie said...

By the way, the comment I get this time around is, "18 months apart? You're going to be busy." Yes I am. Thank you for your insight. One lady at the library went so far as to tell me why she would never have kids close together again, and how awful the first few years were. WHY would you say that to someone who is already pregnant, with a baby on her hip? What am I supposed to say? "Maybe you're right, I've changed my mind"? Geez.

Carrie said...

Here is a comment. You can sleep when the babies get here!! Noah was sleeping through the night at about five weeks (seven hours) and at four months he started sleeping 10 -11 hours. I owe it to Babywise. Some people hate the book because it is about putting the baby on a schedule and to do that you have to let them cry some. It took Noah three nights of crying about 15 minute bouts to "getit". Now he is much happier and thriving on his 10 hours. It doesn't work for everyone but consider giving it a shot. You will love your sleep!!!

Mary Tyler S. said...

We swapped side about 2 years ago and it made SUCH a difference. Weird.

jackie said...

I betcha Nick is sleeping better because he 'knows' that you are sleeping better. I know I sleep better when Luke is sleeping soundly at my side.

Mary Tyler S. said...

You need to update missy.