Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Post Part II

Today's doctor appointment was great! Except for the fact that I was an hour late... not on purpose. The whole week I told myself out appointment was at 10:50. We signed in, we sat down to wait, and three minutes later they called my name. Wow! I had never been called so fast! The lady at the counter said, "Mrs. M. your appointment was at 9:40???" I could do nothing but apologize for my honest mistake and wait to see if they could squeeze me in. We did get an ultrasound and everything looks great. Heartbeats are at 150 bpm and 143 bpm. Both girls are measuring perfectly. Today one baby was in breech position with her head just under my right ribs and the other baby is still head down on the left posterior side. We don't have a scanner to upload new pictures but I'll be honest, at 10 inches/1.5 pounds a piece there isn't really that much to see. They are getting so big that you have to really concentrate and squint to make out what you are looking at. I have feeling we have seen the best images until they are actually here. So, today I'm 23 weeks, 5 days and feel great. My feet and ankles look like they are stuffed with grapefruits :)

After the appointment we had lunch at San Marcos with Grandma M., Bean, Brother Bean and his Mrs., Bean and her baby. AFter lunch we went to Hobby Lobby where I made the first purchases to begin my scrap book project. My first page is "December" capturing memories of Christmas, our positive pregnancy test, and wedding anniversary. I am looking forward to this hobby.

Next, we traveled over to Sonic for "Happy Hour" Route 44 Cherry Limeades :)

The afternoon was they spent in our backyard enjoying the temp. and sunshine. Brea slid down the slide 46 times and Ali had a blast chasing the ball and this little person. Tonight we will have dinner somewhere and hopefully get to feed the ducks at Shakespeare. We had a quick photo shoot in our back yard. Enjoy the pics!


The Bean said...

Today was a great day and it isn't over yet. I love the last photo of baby bean! You are going to have to become my personal photographer.

Shea said...

Hey! You are looking great! I can't believe you are already in the third trimester! You are in my prayers being pregnant with two!! I was kinda miserable toward the end, but hopefully that won't be the case for you! =)

Mary Tyler S. said...

I hope I'm half as beautiful as you are when I get preggo. :)

Liz said...

you look beautiful!!! sounds like a great day! :) yay for healthy babies! and brea is just precious! wow