Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Q & A Wednesday

how do you spend your "down time?"


during the school year down time for me is spent by little outings with my family. the grocery store. a restaurant. exercise around the neighborhood or at a near by park. and dinner parties at our house. and of course, when the time has come, watching football with friends.

it used to be that i would stay up late, really late, with my husband
and my friends. 1 or 2a.m. was early on a weekend and reasonable on a weeknight
before i had two children

when the summer began i made jokes with anyone who asked "how do you intend to spend the summer?" by saying with a smirk on my face, "nothing, nothing at all. i'll eat when they (H&L) eat, and i'll sleep when they sleep."

i have napped almost every single day this summer. not little 20 - 30 minute snoozers, full on 2-3 hour slumbers, in the bed.

i also read, a lot. i find that i am often giving justifications to myself for reasons why it isn't a sin to lay around as much as i do. i still exercise. the grocery store gets done. the housework, mostly, gets done. the laundry is always done. i spend time with and talk to my friends. i go to church and lead a bible study once a week. so in my down time, i read and nap.

there are some types of people that can't sleep during the day and who don't like to read. i, personally can't understand this. i'm not a t.v. during the day kind of person. unless there is a movie for the babies on the t.v. is off. i prefer listening to NPR or Christian radio to t.v. i prefer the couch with a good book to window shopping. i take great comfort in my home and the preparations i make to keep it a cool safe and happy place for my husband and children. so one way for me to enjoy my home and my life and take it all in is to sit and be still.

so, how do you spend your down time?


Mary Tyler S. said...

downtime for me: laying with my head in Stebe's lap while he scratches my head and he watches the Braves. I fall asleep EVERYTIME

Lane said...

Down time...interesting question. I struggle with down time because a part of me says: "Hey, you deserve some mindless downtime playing video games or watching TV," while the better half of me says, "Seriously, how hard is your life that you feel as though you need to numb your mind? Do something engaging."

maughry said...

I try to mix it up, but often it depends on how tough my work day was. If I had an easier day (mentally, obviously there's no heavy lifting - well, sometimes I lift boxes of case files), then I want to exercise and read. I run a lot in my "downtime," which is a stress release for me. But, if I've had a more draining day, then I want to clean out the TiVo or possibly go out to dinner with Mr. H. On the weekends, if at all possible, I want to be laying by a pool somewhere.