Friday, July 23, 2010

Grown Up Friday Night

At 7 p.m. tonight my family of 4, two adults and 2 two year olds were sitting on the floor watching the rain come down "cats and dogs." The driveway looked like a silver pond and the gutters on the corners of the house like steady rapids. The thunder was cracking, sending my toddlers into a frenzy.

Nick made the comment, "if I didn't have kids to help put to bed, I would lay right here on this couch all night long and probably not move until tomorrow morning when it is time to get up..."

I said, "after they go down, do you want to play Phase 10?"

"YES!" he replied.

Then it dawned on me. There are a lot of teens and younger adults in their early 20's that are getting all "dolled up" on this Friday night, staring out the window, checking their Weather Channel phone app. and saying things like,

"Damn, I really wanted to sit outside at Sinclair's tonight..."
"Oh well for the cook out at So and So's... maybe it will let up by then..."
"Guess they will call off the Biscuit's game, what now?"
"Man, I straightened my hair and want to wear my cute new tube top but this rain is ruining my outfit!"

It made me chuckle because I can remember "getting ready" for a Friday night out and being heartbroken when torrential rains began to pour down.

But now, I sit in my living room and think two things:

1.) this is perfect card playing weather
2.) AWESOME, the Tru-Green guy left a note on Wednesday after fertilizing and weed killing the yard that we need to keep the grass cut (done Thursday) and water heavily (done!)

It was a very grown up moment for me tonight to realize that I love the rain not only for all of it's obvious comforting reasons but also because it is good for our grass! There is truth in the notion that we all turn into our parents!

How did you spend your Friday night rained in - or out?


Nick M. said...

Hey! That's amazing! I also watched the rain and played cards tonight. Its like we are soulmates or something. You should move in here and we could play cards together.

Jennifer Messick said...

Silly Nick!! Anyway...I spent Friday night doing my favorite thing...spending time with my family, watching Abby be her silly, fun little self. Sometimes I can't believe how "grown up" I have become...and remember those going out days too...but these days I would much rather be near my family and see them smile and have fun with them! Great post!!! P.S. I would love to pay Phase 10 with y'all....that's one of my favorite games!

theglasgowfamily said...

Yeah, we spent our friday night in pajamas hanging curtains in the nursery! Times sure have changed:)

The Howell's said...

rained in and LOVING it! I love a rainy night...especially on the weekend! :)