Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good Morning

Last night I felt the urge to start blogging again.

This morning I woke up earlier than usual and I took a walk. It may be one of the last mornings of this season that it actually feels chilly to be outside, before the sun is shining it's brightest, before the motion of the day sets in. It wasn't a long walk... a quick mile, maybe mile and a half, but my it was nice.

Then, after eating my oatmeal, I thought, why not a quick blog post while I "have the time."

So good morning to anyone who still reads this! Updates, thoughts, and pictures of my family and are coming!


Eleanor said...

As an erstwhile blogger, who has changed my blogging home yet again and despairs of ever having anyone see it anymore, I assure you -- your blog is on my Google Reader service, and I am alway happy to see a new post from you. Your honesty, and humor, and transparency are delightful.

LJM said...

WELCOME BACK jur! the blogosphere has missed you!! i was JUST thinking sure do wish jur would blog...wish granted! GOOD MORNING!