Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Put On Your Gloves

I'll start by saying it is not every day that I have days like this one. I "slept in" until 7a.m. and drank my two cups of coffee in bed while listening the my favorite (the only) Dr. Charles Stanley. His sermons alway rekindle a fire in my soul and a recharged love for God. His sermons also always leave me asking a few questions as well, but that is not the point of this post today.

I took a great shower - ladies you know what I mean, fellas get your mind out of the gutter. The kind of shower where you immediately put back on a P.J. type outfit, you don't dry your hair, and definitely don't put on make up. Then I scanned the house for what to "get done" first. My husband urged me not to clean but to instead truly take the day off by relaxing, recharging, and some other word that indicates "mental health and wellness" - the kind of day off I haven't done, all YEAR and definitely don't have time for on Saturdays.

Then came an email. This email was an invitation to participate in consigning Spring/Summer baby clothes in "My Kid's Attic" upcoming sale. I shopped in this kind of sale last Fall and was amazed at the amounts of kids' clothing at such affordable costs. My friend Jackie dubbed the event "Mommy Fight Club" seeing as how it takes place in a basement level HOT showroom and caters to about 200 mommies all on the hunt for smocked dresses, onesies, and baby gear at shockingly low prices. It can get brutal but this year, as a consigner, I am excited to dive in head first, get my top pics, and yes, volunteer as an organizer and check out Mom - during 2, 6 hour shifts.

Friends of mine have recently posted about the guilt associated with the "weening" process of breastfeeding. I am experiencing a different yet similar kind of guilt (sort of). I am having a hard time being ok with the fact that I will be selling/giving away my babies' infant clothes. I don't know why... most people spend a lot of time looking for opportunities to clean up and clean out. I am usually looking for the same opportunities. However, as I DIG through the 4 tall Rubbermaid pink plastic bins full of dresses and sleepers I am finding it hard to "let go." Each garment has a memory attached to it. I can see photographs in my mind of the day H&L wore a particular garment and my heart kind of twinges. "This is what they wore to their first eye appointment," or "this is an outfit my friend Tracy gave them at their baby shower." I admit their are a few pieces I just can't give or sell away. Ironically, the garments that would make me the most money are just not pieces I am willing to sell i.e. smocked dresses, designer onesies, etc. I may never have a baby girl again in which to "reuse" these clothes but I want a few outfits for the twins to be able to have one day to hold up and say, "I wore this tiny thing!?" And no question about it, I will NEVER rid myself of anything labeled "preemie." That handful of clothes is just too precious... and doesn't take up that much room in their closet anyway.

So that is the plan. This Saturday I will load up my car with a few dozen outfits and make the trip to the place where the "fight" will take place. Of course, all of this sorting through and trips down "Memory Lane" means I am officially in training for next Fall's "fight."


Mary Tyler S. said...

I am the same way about Campbell's clothes. The only one I'm consigning this year are the clothes that still had the tags on them. Summer clothes which fit her but couldn't wear in the winter.

The onesies you gave her from Target, with the giraffe, she wore those so much I could NEVER give them away. Plus they are from you. Weird. I totally know how you feel.

In the meantime, I'm so excited about getting C some summer clothes for this summer at Mommy Fight Club!

Kat said...

I am coming to that6 too...i am excited. I guess i need to put on my fighting gloves:)

Catie Murphy said...

I echo MT. Completely real emotion here...I try to find a few keys pieces to keep and throw out the cheap ones. Best of luck! Thanks for your comments and two cents about a computer. I miss you!