Monday, October 20, 2008

My Neck of the Woods Al Roper would say.

Well, Al, a lot actually.

It is a crisp cool Monday morning and the babies are at their "Mims" house for the day after sleeping 13 hours straight last night!  They began getting fussy at 6p.m. last night and were down and out by 6:30p.m.  Lily woke up at 7a.m. and we had to wake Harper up at 7:30a.m. to feed them at the same time.  This is amazing and I keep asking my friend with twins who we call Mims "is something wrong with them?"  She assures me this is a good thing.  I will admit that it is very nice to be able to watch t.v and have a glass of wine with my husband at 7p.m. and do other adult things knowing that the babies are safe and sound in their beds while visions of pumpkin spiced lattes dance in their heads...

Saturday... there was a knock at my door and it was Mrs. Linda - mother of Nick's college friend Brian - who had been out yard sale shopping and said she found an Expedition Jogger Double Stroller  for $75... she talked them down to $30 and the stroller is ours!  

Sunday afternoon was the PERFECT afternoon for a stroll.  I bundled the babies up, put on my tennies, and went walking.  It was 4:30p.m. and there were kids playing in their yards, neighbors mowing their grass, and even a Fall block party in a nearby culdesac going on.  As I strolled, I looked down at my two gorgeous daughters, I breathed in the fresh air, I felt the sun on my face, I tasted the Burt's Bees on my lips and I literally said out loud, "I am living my dream."  My dream was never to be a woman with a successful career or even someone who travels the world - although I do have the privelage of working towards these things also.  My dream, as cliche as it may sound, was to marry a God loving, sexy, and romantic man, have a home that always smelled good, and raise children that could one day say, "Mama, you make me proud."  So far, I have accomplished two of the three.

I would like to get a haircut today but the salon is closed on Mondays.
I will have lunch somewhere delicious with  my God loving, sexy, romantic husband.
I will go with this man to Walmart where
I will purchase all the little things you list on your fridge to get next time you are at Walmart like 
  • ziplock baggies
  • swiffer stuff
  • cascade
  • lean cuisines
I will stroll the babies again at 4:30p.m.
I will start The Memory Keepers Daughter before I go to sleep tonight.
I will be back at work in exactly 2 weeks therefore
I will cherish these days where strolling and reading are the most complicated things listed on my list of things to do today.  You can hate me if you want to but I will say that I genuinely wish the time off for every expecting mother that I have had these past 5 months.  And if you only have 1 day to yourself, do something you love.


luke said...

Fancy stroller! I sounds like you have any awesome day ahead of you!

luke said...

okay that was jackie, not luke

The Lemmond Family said...

Call me if you would like to walk together. I would love to see you and the babies and have been looking for someone to walk with in the afternoons!

Mary said...

haha, the first comment made me laugh when i thought it was actually luke's because lane (even though we don't have infants or plans to have any infants) has very strong opinions about the type of stroller we should get when the day comes. he actually will point them out on the street to me and explain exactly why one stroller is superior or inferior to another. it's absurd.

as for me, $30 at a yard sale sounds like the best kind.

Jason said...

I sometimes sit and imagine someone reading your blog from say ...Greenland..and the visuals you give area always so GREAT!!
I also wanted a haircut today and could not go because my operator does not work on Mondays !!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Harper and Lily...oooo. Love the names. And they look so snuggly. I almost want another baby now...oops, there, it's gone.

So, you in girl???

And, by the way, I do not know if you have been told this but, 9 months on, 9 months off. Even if you have pre-baby weight to lose, it still applies!

Nick M. said...

I just noticed...Al Roper...Are we talking about the weatherman? Because he is a Roker as far as I know, but maybe he married Mr. Roper from Three's Company. ;-)

LMilky said...


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

13 hours of sleep is a very. good. thing.

Finally with Baby 4 I don't go check on them when they sleep too long.

All of mine went thru stages at about 18 mos where some days, they would sleep in until 10, 11am. Ike is in this stage now. I have learned to just enjoy it - it won't last!! Because I have also learned that at age 2 they start doing horrible sleep things, like waking up every three hours!