Friday, October 31, 2008

Fit Friday

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October 2005 = me thirty pounds ago.

There is this group of moms doing this "Hot for the Holidays" thing and each Friday is Fit Friday where you post little tidbits on your healthy weight accomplishments for the week.  I debated whether or not to post my own but I'll give it a shot.  To not post would really be giving into the "I don't want to set myself up for failure" attitude.  So here goes.

Quite simply this week I had a talk with Nick.
I told him what I like and what I don't like about myself 
and we talked about what I need to do.
It is nothing fancy and no new revelation.  It is the same steps that everything else is talking about which is:
-be a more conscious eater
-eat real food
-eat small portions 
-drink water

Today I prepared lunch for Nick, Jason, and myself.  We had grilled chicken, salad with carrots, tomatoes, and goat cheese.  The croutons were baked bread pieces from the Publix bakery (rye and italian) and the dressing I chose was a tablespoon of light blue cheese.  I also topped my salad with a handful of toasted pumpkin seeds (lots of fiber).  I took one bite of a halloween sugar cookie for dessert.  I can't give myself too much credit on dessert because had it been chocolate I would have eaten the whole thing.

My mantra is "25 by the 25th" which is 25 pounds by my birthday, February 25th.  That is a lot but not impossible.

That's really it.  


Sarah said...

I'm so glad your joining us. First of all, your daughters are beautiful and secondly you look great for having twins five months ago!!
Your goals are very realistic. We will be here rooting for you!

Colored With Memories said...

those are great goals. i'm glad you're joining in!

your girls are precious. i have a lily too!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Way to go!! The just being conscious of what goes in your mouth part is huge. I didn't realize how many brainless handfuls of goldfish I was shoveling in until now.

Stephanie said...

Hey Laura, we found the formula on e-bay for 95.00 per case (which is 6 cans). That's close to half-price. How are the girls doing with it?

The Bean said...

I hope your first day back to work wasn't to stressful or emotional for you. We're thinking of you!