Friday, October 24, 2008

Stuffy Noses Are Not Fun and other random things I have to say

Today Harper had a stuffy nose and the poor thing cried and snorted all day.  With a little plunging and saline drops she should be o.k.

Tomorrow we will travel to Mobile to see friends and have some good ole' fashion hang time.  It is odd that until this past month I have not been to the bay area in a couple of years and now I will have gone twice.

Last night was COLD.  The wind was blowing like crazy and it was wet and rainy.  Today was almost the same and I did not change out of my pajamas... I am not exaggerating at all.

Lately we have been going through Publix bakery bread... YUM.  Seriously I doubt I will ever need to buy any other bread at all... even better than Sunbeam and that says a lot for me.

Yesterday morning I was out of coffee creamer and Nick was not here to run to the store for me so I searched through the pantry and found a single serving of powdered Starbucks hot chocolate, mixed that with my coffee and it was amazing.  Such a nice treat.

Also at Publix I ran into one of the pediatricians that I have met once in my life and she remembered us ( I had the girls and my little sister ).  When I introduced the Dr. to my sister Whitney, W said that Dr. M has actually doctored her before and I though what a concept?  That a doctor can walk through a grocery store and see perhaps dozens of her patients.... people's whose lives they touch and possible change, or save even.

Today I watched Across the Universe for the second time and it was better than I remember.

I will not ruin the surprise of what Harper and Lily's costumes will be this year for Halloween but I am excited to see them all spookified...except they won't really be spooky.

And lastly, chocolate covered strawberries is one of my favorite desserts.

Has this blog changed your perspective on life or what?

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