Monday, October 13, 2008

Early Bird Special

The nice thing about having two babies that sleep through the night, finally, is that I get the chance to sleep in 7-8 hour increments.  Is 8 hours an increment?  The past few mornings I have stayed up after the the 5a.m. feedings to enjoy the quietness and stillness of the mornings.  Two of those three mornings I have watched the sunrise from my back porch.  This morning I actually journaled... for the first time since before the babies were born.  It's just nice.

In my journaling and Scripture reading I came across one of my favorite verses, Matthew 5:8, "those with a pure heart: shall see God" and it reminded me of the comfort I drew from it in high school and now the comfort I get from it with Harper and Lily in mind.  They have such pure perfect hearts and every experience, for a while, will be unguarded and unscathed by prior emotional attachments or experiences. 

Then I came across this post and it really drove the point home for me.  

Just for giggles:  Sometimes when I get up really early, like today, I hear a line from the movie Sister Act - the scene where Whoopie Goldberg gets woken up by the little sunflower alarm clock that one of the other shy sisters gives her... the alarm clock says, "Out of bed you sleepy head, Out of bed you sleepy head."  

What is a little chant or rhyme like this that gets stuck in your head sometimes?


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