Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sometimes You Just Feel Like a Good Cry...

You know, today has just been one of those days when you feel like a good cry would help... for no apparent reason...I just feel a little depressed.

But I think this list of petty bothersomes (if that makes any sense) has something to do with it:

The weather is amazing...although I don't technically know because I don't leave the house.

I am worried about our money running out a month before it is supposed to.  We have an "emergency fund" designated for my maternity leave but right now I am not seeing how it will get us through until I get paid again at the end of November.

Christmas is coming and while it is my favorite holiday/season I am feeling the urgency of buying presents for all of our loved ones and wondering how I will afford it.

None of my clothes fit... that's all I need to say about that.

The days are getting shorter... the sun doesn't come up till 6 ish and sets at 7 ish.

I am not good at being alone anymore and by being alone I mean I feel sad at night when Nick has to go away on business trips.

Poor poor me right? Not really... Will Smith said on an episode of Fresh Prince "all of your problems are just luxeries" ... and he is right.


Nick M. said...

I love you baby. You can cry on me anytime.

Shea said...

I understand! Money problems can get me so upset! It's the place I'm at right now actually. We had to put groceries on the credit card the other day, and I just wanted to burst into tears at the checkout line. You are not alone!!

Laura said...

It is still good to just cry sometimes...I'll cry with ya anytime!

Carrie said...

I cry on a regular basis :) We can schedule a time to coincide and feel much better.