Saturday, September 20, 2008

Game Day!

Unfortunately, our house is one divided.  I got Lily.  Nick got Harper; maybe one day she will forgive me.  Roll Tide Y'all!!!

Mama and Lily, her Bama baby.


Eleanor said...

Lily's my favorite. ;-)


LJM said... bout it..I am commenting on your blog and if i was any trashier i would be fighting the urge to say "RMFT". thank goodness I am not quite that trashy.

Sarah Beth said...

Poor Harper.... I feel sorry for her already. Is this going to be an alternating thing from week to week that way they both have a chance to see the light (obviously ALABAMA being "the light")? Love the pics...they are precious. I need to see them in person..I think Michael and I need to start thinking of a time to come to Montgomery :)

Mary Tyler S. said...